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Rca rcr503br Universal Remote Codes



Here you get all the RCA RCR503BR television codes. If you want to program RCA RCR503BR remote control then you have to crawl down and you get various methods to program your remote control. Try that programming method that is suitable for your device.

Firstly, I have mentioned the programming instruction through the “Direct Code Entry”. Then we have mentioned how you can program your remote control through “Manually”.

Step1: Firstly, you have to turn “ON” your device that you wish to program with “RCA RCR503BR Remote Control”.


Step2: For the programming of your remote you’ll need 4-digit remote codes. All the codes are given below.

Step3: Tap or hold the “CODE SEARCH” button from your remote control until the “LED” light blinks or turned “ON”.

Step4: Tap on the “TV” button. “LED” light firstly blinks and then turned “ON”.


Step5: Enter the 4-digit codes you can use the number pad for entering the codes. After the codes are entered the “LED” the light turned “OFF”.

Warning: If the “LED” light blinks multiple times then it means is you had entered invalid codes. Again you have to enter the codes and start doing the programming from “step2”.

Step6: Now, tap on the “OFF” button to turn off your device. Your device has to turn “off”.


After some time you can turn “ON” your device and check your remote control is working or not. You can check it by pressing the “VOL+” key. If your device volume is increased then it confirms your remote control is compatible with your device.

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