Remote control codes for SONY televisions. A list of Sony universal remote control codes that can be used with any SONY television can be found below. If you have a universal remote control that can enter a 3, 4, or 5-digit code, you can use one of these codes. When configured correctly, the SONY TV codes may be used with your current CABLE or SAT remote to control your television. Codes for SONY TVs’ universal remote controls with three and four digits

When you use the remote codes listed below, you will need to set the remote to work with your television before using it. Details on how to set your remote to operate with your television may well be found below.

A List of Sony Bravia TV Codes for Universal Remote

RCA Universal Remote Codes for SONY TV:

4-Digits Sony Bravia Remote Codes






One-For-All Universal Remote for SONY TV:

3-Digits Universal Remote Codes for Sony TVs






GE Universal Remote Codes for SONY TV:

3-Digits Sony Bravia Remote Codes







Also, how can I get the code for my Sony Bravia television?

I adhere to the instructions: – On the remote control, hit the home button and then browse to Sony entertainment network. After selecting connect an account, the activation code should be presented; this code should then be entered into the entertainment network’s website’s activate an HDTV section.

How can I set my universal remote control to work with my Sony Bravia television?

To begin, we will demonstrate how to set up an automated universal remote control, which is rather simple:

  • Turn on the Sony television.
  • on the universal cable remote control for DirectTV Press and hold MUTE & SELECT for two blinks before releasing the button.
  • Code must be entered. or Turn on your SONY television as well as your DirecTV box.
  • Select the TV button on the remote and then hit the on/off button.

Furthermore, what is the four-digit code for a Sony television?

The 4-digit TV brand codes shown in the following table can be used to configure the two types of the Google Fiber remote control: the one with a live button and the one without a live button.