People always look out for entertainment after their long day of hectic work. But when they enter their home entertainment centre and have to use different remotes for operating various devices, they get irritated and impatient. Thanks to the existence of codes, this has made life easier by avoiding the usage of multiple remotes in your home entertainment area. Codes are a set of digits that does all the essential programming. Once this programming is completed, it brings a universal command across all the remotes of your entertainment devices that allow you to avoid all of the choosing and guessing of remote controls.

Moreover, these codes are specially designed as per the brand and device model which prevents you from compatibility problems. Once everything is finished, the next thing is to grab the entertainment you deserve without the help of countless remote controls. With the use of one just universal remote control, you can have good entertainment. Here, you will come to know about Comcast Panasonic remote codes and how to program your Panasonic television with the Comcast universal remote.

Comcast Panasonic Remote Codes for program Panasonic TV

If you have a Panasonic TV at your home and wanted to control it with the Comcast remote, here are the programming codes. The below table consists of Comcast universal remote codes for programming your Panasonic television. You have to pick the code from the table that matches the make and model of your device. Once you enter the correct code, you are all set to use your Panasonic TV with the Comcast universal remote.

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Panasonic Audio Codes for programming Comcast Universal Remote

If you are using Panasonic audio system and have a Comcast universal remote for controlling it, you will require matching codes for remote programming. In the below table, you will get Comcast universal remote codes for Panasonic audios. You have to choose the right code from the code list and perform the programming steps. Once you enter the right code, you can use your Panasonic audio system with the Comcast universal remote.

32967 33767

How do you program the Panasonic TV with the Comcast Universal Remote Control?

Perform the following steps for a perfect Panasonic TV programming with the Comcast remote:

  1. The first step is to switch on your TV.
  2. Find the TV button on the Comcast remote and press it.
  3. Now, press the Setup button of your Comcast remote and hold it down for some time. The TV button will begin to flash twice.
  4. Leave the Setup button.
  5. Then, you have to enter the 4-digit remote code for your Panasonic TV. The two programming codes for Panasonic TV are ‘0250’ and ’0051’. When you add the last digit of the code, the TV button will flash twice to indicate the entered code is correct.
  6. Finally, aim the Comcast universal remote towards the Panasonic television set and hit on the Power button. The TV must turn off if the universal remote was programmed correctly. If your television does not shut off, perform the steps from 2 to 6 by using another code in step 5.


In this article, you got complete information on programming your brand Panasonic TV with the Comcast universal remote. The latest codes are given above wherein you have to select the correct one for your device. Enter the right code and program your Panasonic TV to have unlimited fun on your device.

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