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How Do I Program My Philips Universal Remote Without a Code?



You may program your remote to operate every device and component involved in your home cinema system. You can operate all of your gadgets simultaneously with the Philips universal remote rather than using multiple remote controllers that could crowd the entertainment center.

You don’t need three or four remote controls to watch movies or host guests because you can program the remote control and use it to access the TV, VCR, DVD player, and audio system. After obtaining a new Philips television or remote control, you will probably need to program the device. Even if you’ve lost the codes, you can still program a Philips remote control.

Using the Philips remote, programming and reprogramming may be done quickly. This article will guide you about How to Program your Philips universal remote without code with easy steps.


Note: With Philips universal remote you don’t need three or four devices to play the system. And losing the codes might be annoying because each remote control comes with them and can be programmed with them but with Philips universal remote you can also program without code.

Philips universal remote programming method without code

You won’t have to bother with tracking down the remote codes and manually entering the codes since we will show a simple solution using the auto code search methodology. Make sure to connect all of your wires and plug in all of your gadgets before you begin. Turn on the equipment you’re about to set up, then check the batteries in the universal remote control. It is unpleasant and a waste of time to discover the batteries are defective later in the procedure.

Step 1- On your television (or another device). Until you program your Philips remote control, you will have to perform this manually.


Step 2- On the Philips remote, look for the “Setup” or “Code Search” button. The specific Philips remote control you are using will determine the buttons your remote has. This button might be labeled or a different color.

Step 3- The “Setup” or “Code Search” button should be held down for around 10 seconds. The light on your remote control should start blinking if it has one. You can simply count to 10 and release the button if there is no light.

Step 4- To set up the Philips remote control for your television, press the “TV” button on the device.


Step 5- On the remote, locate and hit the “Up” or “Down” channel button. Press either button repeatedly until the TV station changes. This could take some time. Press the “Power” button on the remote to turn the TV off once the channel has changed. Your television will now be connected to your Philips remote control.

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