Are you looking to program the Comcast remote with the Insignia television? The combination of Comcast and Insignia is a challenge in itself. And, If you’re new to programming Comcast remote or any brand universal remote.

Then, let me tell you one thing, Programming is easy if you’re following the right steps. If you are not following the steps then, you cannot program and face other issues also.

Here, you can find out how to program Insignia TV codes with a Comcast remote. So, be careful, understand the steps, start processing, and let’s see further

The Comcast remote brand has many universal codes for various brands and does not have digit codes for the Insignia TV brand. However, the Insignia TV brands listed several codes to program with the device and it also works with various models of Comcast remote. In the below section, the Insignia TV codes with Comcast remotes are listed. Make sure you pick a code to enter before programming

Now, let’s begin the processing but with the first step selecting a code that works well on the device.

Listing of Insignia TV codes with Comcast remote 

The following are the xfinity remote tv codes insignia that will help you to program xfinity remote to insignia tv. Ensure, you choose the correct code and enter it with the proper procedure. 

Complete List Of Comcast Xfinity Universal Remote Codes

5-Digit Xfinity Remotes Codes for XR2, XR5, XR11, XR15

11756 11785

Digital Adapter Remote: MUG3067 5-Digit Codes

11641 11756

Silver with Gray OK Select Button: M1067 4-Digit Codes

1756 0463

Silver with Red OK Select Button: MUG1067 5-Digit Codes

10463 11993

5-Digit Codes (Spectrum & Tracer): MG3-4167 & M4167

11326 12002

The above Insignia TV remote codes are available in 4 or 5 digits. There are various remote codes, enter any one of them and follow the following.

Steps to program Insignia TV codes with Comcast remote


To begin with, switch on the Insignia TV and the Comcast remote control. Ensure, the remote has charged batteries if not replaced with new ones. 


Now, in the second step, you have to use the Comcast remote control. And, you need to press the “TV” button once. 


After that, we come to the next step of programming.  Press the “setup” button, and hold on until the TV button flashes two times. 


In this step, you have to enter the remote code that you have selected from the mentioned code list. After entering the digit code correctly the “TV” button will flash twice again.


In the end, press the “power” button and wait till the TV turns off and again switch on the TV to check if the TV is responding to the remote control. If the TV won’t turn off or the TV is not responding to the remote. Then, try to program again using the same process but add another code from the given code list. And, you have to do this again and again until you get the correct code.

If you have any issues regarding this article, feel free to comment and clear your doubts.

Troubleshooting Tips

When the remote codes are not acceptable on your TV. If you are facing any issues even after using the above steps then you can use these troubleshooting tips. I hope it helps you to solve issues and program well. 

Resetting Insignia TV:

You have to follow some simple steps for manually resetting Insignia TV. Switch on the Television, press the “HOME” button on your remote, go to settings, find the device and software then reset to factory defaults, and wait to reset the TV

Check Remote Batteries: Sometimes, the TV doesn’t respond to the remote keys so, try to check the remote batteries if it is working or not. So, try to change the batteries with new ones if needed.

When the Insignia TV is not turning on, try to check the power supply. And The plugin is correctly in the right voltage or it may be due to software or hardware issues. Otherwise, try to contact a qualified electrician

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why is my Comcast remote not pairing with my TV?

Ensure that the remote batteries are installed and the TV is powered on. You can also replace the batteries with new ones if you have them. 

Can I control the Insignia TV without using a remote control?

Yes, you can easily control the Insignia TV without using a remote control. However, use the Insignia TV button or the Insignia remote app. 

Can I use any remote for my Insignia TV?

Yes, you can use new remotes to operate otherwise use a universal remote control to operate Insignia TV. 

How to find the model number of the insignia TV? 

Use the Insignia TV remote, press the menu button, on the right side select the “icon” and then down-select “System Info” where the screen will display the model number. 

How to reset a Comcast remote?

Press the “Setup” key until the LED light (at the top) turns red to green. Tap 9-8-1 and the green light will blink twice and the Comcast remote is reset.