Do you want a GE universal remote for Onn ? If so, then you are landed on the right post. Here, you can search for remote codes. You need remote codes to operate any of your devices with a universal remote.

Here, we have listed all of the GE universal remote codes for Onn with program instructions.

We have listed unique codes, while programming the remote enter the code selected from the code list to activate.

When the device accepted your remote code you can operate your TV with universal remote control. To program read out the article

GE Universal Remote Codes for ONN – CL3, CL4, CL5

If you are looking for GE universal remote codes list for Onn . Then you can check out the below code list. We have categorised all the remote codes with brand names.

  GE Universal Remote Control Four-Digit TV Codes

So, while programming a universal remote you have to choose GE universal remote codes for Roku Tv from the below code list and you can program multiple devices using GE universal remote.

The devices like TV, DVD, VCR, Blu-Ray, etc. If the selected code is not valid you can also try different codes available in the below code list. Now, select the code of your device and follow the instructions to enter the code.

onn universal remote control codes


How to Program GE Universal Remote To ONN Using Remote Codes

Step-1 Using the GE remote control, click on the setup button and hold it until a light indicates then release the setup button.

Step-2 To program GE remote to ONN Click on the device button, for TV tap on the TV button on the remote control. 

Step-3 Now, enter the code correctly that you have selected from the above code list.

Step-4 When the code is right, the indicator light will turn off Step-1 Point the GE universal remote towards your device and check all the remote keys to ensure all of the remote keys are functioning properly

Step-5 When the keys are functioning well, you can operate your device with GE universal remote otherwise, you can try alternative remote codes from the list.

That’s all. To set up GE universal remote codes for ONN follow the above instructions carefully.

Four digit code for GE Universal remote control

  Onn Universal Remote Control Codes & Program Guide

 Troubleshooting :

If you are facing an issue while controlling your Onn TV using GE Universal remote you may need to troubleshoot your controlling device. You can apply a troubleshooting method in case of issues like freezing and operating glitches.

Tips for Troubleshooting of GE Universal Remotes

Look for the battery issues: If you are facing functionality issues while using GE Universal Remote, there may be a battery issue. So, in this case, you can re-insert or change the batteries to fix it.

Reprogramming Strategy: If the batter`ies of your GE Universal Remote are working properly but you are facing issues like functionality freezing, you may need to follow reprogramming methods.

Auto Code Search: You can reprogram your GE Universal remote using Auto Code Search method to fix issues regarding controlling functionality.

Manual Code Entry: If you fail to reprogram your GE Universal remote using Auto Code Search, you can try to do so by following Manual Code Entry programming method for GE Universal Remote.

Check for Sight Interference: The obstacles like objects or distance may cause issues like poor controlling strength. So, in this case you may need to make sure there is a clear sight between your GE Universal Remote and Onn TV device.

Resting your Remote: If battery or sight interference issues are solved and you are still facing remote functionality issues you can reset your remote to solve this.

Removing Battery: You can remove the batteries of your GE Universal Remote and press all the buttons to reset your remote, it may fix the functionality issue in this case.

  How to Get Onn TV Codes for All Remotes & Program Guide

Factory Reset: Some of GE Universal Remotes have dedicated factory reset button, you can just press and hold that for 10 seconds to reset your remote. Otherwise,you can simply look for the resetting method in the instruction manual.


1. How to program GE Universal Remote with Onn TV?

You can simply run any programming method such as auto code search or manual programming with code.

2. How to find the right code to pair my Onn TV with GE Universal Remote?

You can look for it in the manual of your TV or you can search on the internet by using keywords like GE Universal Remote Codes for Onn TV.

3. Can the GE Universal Remote can be paired or used with multiple Onn TVs?

Yes! You can use your one GE Universal Remote with multiple Onn TVs by programming it properly.

4. Can I customize the buttons of GE Universal Remote for my Onn TV?

Yes! You can customize some of the buttons of your GE Universal Remote according to your need for Onn TV.

5. How can I get an Onn TV model code?

You can usually find the TV code on the back of your Onn TV device.

6. Is the programming of GE Universal Remote with Onn Tv possible without using Code?

Yes! You can program your Onn TV with GE Universal Remote without code by using Auto code search programming method.

7. How many devices can be controlled using GE Universal Remote?

You can operate up to 4 gadgets including audio and video devices by using one GE Universal Remote.

8. Is GE Universal Remote pairable with other devices besides Onn TV?

Yes , GE Universal Remote is pairable with different devices other than Onn TV.

9. Is removing the battery may cause loss of programming data of my GE Universal Remote?

No, your programming data will stay safe until you reset it by following the right troubleshooting method.

10. How much durability is possessed by GE Universal Remotes?

The durability of GE Universal Remotes can be varied depending on the models but generally it is known for one of the long lasting controlling devices with a minimum lifetime of 3 to 5 years.