Have you just just acquired an ONN TV? Are you looking for all of the codes for all of the remotes at this time? If you are interested, you may find information on each of them on this page. You can get all of the Onn TV code information that you need for your remotes here on one website. Therefore, you should keep reading the information until you find the one that is most beneficial to you and stop reading when you get to that point.

The list of ONN TV code lookup keys may be found below for all available remotes. There are three-digit, four-digit, and five-digit codes that may be found here. Therefore, look through all of them to pick the option that best suits you.

Onn TV Code for Xfinity Remote


Onn Universal Remote Codes Westinghouse TV

5003, 5116, 5143, 5179

Onn Universal Remote Codes for Hisense Television

5188, 5130, 5245

Onn Universal Remote Codes for Element Television

247, 252, 121, 048, 238, 028, 043, 076, 096, 005, 151, 153, 046, 127, 154, 004, 168, 155, 231, 051, 236

Onn Universal Remote Codes for Sanyo Television

5005, 5014, 5027, 5060, 5073

Onn Universal Remote Codes Panasonic TV

5008, 5011

Onn Universal Remote Codes for Philips Television

5009, 5017, 5018, 5033, 5034

Onn Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV

5048, 5117, 5150, 5179, 5197

Onn Universal Remote Codes for Sharp Television

5010, 5028, 5045, 5065, 5074

Onn Universal Remote Codes for for Insignia TV

5025, 5060, 5066, 5070, 5077

onn universal remote codes for lg smart tv

5014, 5015, 5018, 5022, 5065, 5075

Onn Universal Remote Codes for Vizio Television

5075, 5115, 5140


How can I set up my universal remote to control my ONN television?

For two seconds, press and hold the Setup button on your ONN remote. When the red indication light remains solid, release the button. On the ONN remote, press the device type button. If you’re programming your television remote, for example, push the TV button.

ONN is a television brand.

ONN is a Walmart-only TV brand created by Durabrand, one of Walmart’s private label tradenames, and its warranty repair service is handled by Element Electronics, an American firm.

Is ONN an all-in-one remote?

Thank you for your interest in the ONN Universal Remote Control. This remote control can control a variety of electrical devices, is compatible with most brands and models, and is pre-programmed to control numerous Samsung televisions.

What is Onn TV’s other name?

ONN TV is made by Durabrand, a Walmart private label tradename, and all warranty repairs are handled by Element Electronics Company. The television model is only available in big Walmart shops because it is a generic Walmart brand.

Onn soundbars are made by what company?

Under Walmart’s onn brand, Roku will release low-cost variants of its soundbar and subwoofer. Roku said this morning that it will build lower-cost variants of its latest Smart Speaker system and Cordless Subwoofer for Walmart there under retailer’s own onn brand.

How do you set up a universal remote from One For All?

How does it function? Simply aim the original remote at the One For All remote, choose a key on the One For All remote, and hit the key on the original. Repeat for each key you wish to master, and the One For All will function just like your original remote!