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Quick Guide for ONN Remote Codes List and Setup



In the present time, the users are particular about using technology and getting ease at things. If you are interested in knowing ONN remote codes and the complete setup method, you are in the best place. This guide talks about ONN Universal Remote Codes and user guide that allows different audio/video devices, such as TV, DVD, VCR, satellite, cable, audio, etc. So, let us discuss the steps to program your Universal Remote Control using Onn Remote Codes.

The ONN Universal Remote Code has four digits codes that you will find in the below-mentioned list.

ONN Remote Control Code List – Detailed List


Code list……..

How to Program ONN Universal Remote Using the Auto-Search Method?

First, let’s see how you can setup ONN universal remote control using the auto search method. Check out the below-mentioned steps.


1. Switch on the device that needs to be programmed with ONN universal remote control.

2. Next, turn on the remote control. Now, press the [Component] button on the remote control associated with the device.

3. Now, hold the remote that faces the device. Click the “CH +” and “CH-” buttons. The universal remote control gives an on / off signal. Press the “Up” or “Down” key until the device is closed.


4. Click the Power button to check the code. The device is turned on. Change the channel to see if the device is correctly programmed with the remote control.

5. Finally, click the Device button to save the code. The LED flashes twice with the button, with the code successfully saved.

How to Program ONN Universal Remote Using the Manual Method?


Below are the steps of the manual setup of the ONN universal remote control.

1. First, turn on the device to program.

2. Press the [Component] button on the remote control of the device that needs to be programmed.


3. Now press the SETUP button on the ONN Universal Remote. Press and hold the button until it gets lit.

4. When the LED turns on, enter the appropriate code selected from the ONN Universal Remote Codes list above.

5. Now, pint to towards the device. Continue to press the power button while facing the remote device.


6. When the screen is closed, leave the button.


In the above write-up, we have given the complete ONN universal remote codes list. Also, we have mentioned how to program ONN Universal Remote with a device like TV, audio player, DVD, etc.


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