If you can’t find the code to the universal remote or you want to program it without using any code then follow the auto search method. In this method, the remote will scan all the universal remote codes. It scans one by one code to get the correct code that works with the remote to control and program the device. There are some instructions in the below section. Follow them.

  1. TURN ON the smart device like TV, DVD, etc that you want to operate with the universal remote.
  1. Now, TURN ON the universal remote and tap on the device or component button such as TV, DVD, CBL, OK\SEL for about 3 seconds. And the LED will indicate that means your device is in learning mode.
  1. Pointing the remote to the device click on CH+ and CH- key and the remote starts to show ON\OFF signals.
  1. Hold on the UP or DOWN key until the device turns off
  1. To verify the code tap on the POWER key and the device will TURN ON. After the device turns on, make sure to check your remote by clicking on the channels button to clarify that the remote works properly.
  1. Finally, click on the DEVICE button to save the code. The LED light of the device will blink twice for confirmation that the code is stored.