A universal remote is the best remote to control your multiple devices. To operate a universal remote you need codes. In this article, we can learn how you program a Blackweb universal remote without codes, and check a code list of black web Blu-Ray universal remote and TV\DVD player combo universal remote. Now, let’s walk into the topic.

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Programming a Blackweb universal remote without codes 

There is a scanning process in the remote where all the universal remote codes are scanned by the auto search method, to find out the correct code it scans one code at a time, and to make sure that it works with the remote to control and program. If you want to know the instruction to program a black web universal remote without codes then follow the below steps

Step :1 To begin with, you have to TURN ON your smart device like TV or the device, which operates with the universal remote.

Step :2 The next step is to TURN ON your universal remote, click on the device button (TV, CBL, OK\SEL, and DVD) for 3 seconds. When the device is ready to program it shows an LED light on the device.

Step :3 Make sure to point the remote towards your device and click on CH+ & CH- button then it shows you on\off signals in the remote. press the long UP or DOWN key and the device will TURN OFF automatically.

Step:4 Now, to verify the code you need to click on the POWER button and it may TURN ON the device and start to work.

If the device starts, make sure to check if the remote control is programming correctly by changing channels and volume up or down.

Step :5 Lastly, click on the DEVICE button to save the required code, when the code is stored LED light of the device will blink twice.