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RCA Universal Remote Codes For Sony Blu Ray Players: Control Your Device With Ease



If you have a Sony Blu-ray player and an RCA universal remote, you may be wondering how to program your remote to control your player. This blog post will provide you with the RCA universal remote codes for Sony Blu-ray players and show you how to program your remote in minutes.

With this easy guide, you’ll be able to control your Blu-ray player with ease and access all of your favorite features.

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RCA Universal Remote Codes for Sony Blu Ray Player

The following table are the remote codes for RCA universal Blu Ray player. So, select your RCA remote codes from the following list and follow the below process to program your device with a universal remote. 

Brand Code
Philips32434 , 32084
Insignia32596 , 32428 , 30675
Integra32147 , 31769
Onkyo32147 , 31769
Pioneer32442 , 30142

How to Program RCA Universal Remote for Sony Blu-Ray Player

We have shared the two main methods to program RCA universal remote for Sony blu ray player and the methods are Manual and without code.

So, you need to choose one method from these two and follow the instructions and if you find any difficulty then, try with another method again if you face any issue then, let us know


Programming RCA Universal Remote for Sony Blu-Ray Player Manually

Select a program code from the above RCA universal Blu ray code list and to program follow the below procedure

Step :1 Switch on the Blu-Ray device 

Step :2 Press the TV button on your RCA universal remote control.


Step :3 Press and hold down the SETUP button on the remote control and wait until the light turns on. 

Step :4 Enter the chosen RCA Blu ray codes 

Step :5 Tap on the power button and wait for the device to turn off.


If the device is not responding or the code is incorrect then, try another code from the listing and follow the same above process.

Programming RCA Universal Remote for Sony Blu-Ray Player Without Using Codes

This method helps you to find the correct remote codes. As the auto search method, scan all the universal remote codes to find the right one. Follow the below without finding code instructions. 

Step :1 Switch on the Blu-ray device to connect it with the RCA universal remote.


Step :2 With the help of the remote control tap on the (Tv, DVD, CBL, OK\SEL) device button for a few seconds. The light will indicate and your device is ready to program

Step :3 Now, click on CH+\CH- button and on\off signals will be shown on the RCA universal remote. 

Step :4 Turn off the blu ray device by repeatedly pressing the up or down key


Step :5 Tap on the power key and your code will be verified. 

Step :6 When the blu ray device turns on. Ensure you confirm that your RCA universal remote is working perfectly with the Blu-ray device. 

Step :7 Now, you need to save your code on the device by clicking on the device button. When the device is stored, you will notice a light blinking two times.


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