Time Warner Cable helps you to avoid the clutter in the living room by coordinating the functions of your Cable, DVD and TV clickers into one remote control. This feature avoids the usage of multiple remotes thereby allowing you to adjust the TV channels, volume and input selections with a single controller. However, to take benefit from this feature, you have to program the Time Warner cable remote with your Panasonic set.


Before programming the Time Warner Cable Remote, you have to check the working condition of the batteries. You can check them by changing the channels and going through the cable menus. If you found the remote not responding to the buttons, change the old batteries and put in new ones. You must switch on the TV before you begin but there is no need for the cable box to be on for programming the remote.

The Programming Method

Stand away from the TV and cable box to avoid the accidental pressing of the channel buttons or any settings. Press the ‘TV’ button at the top of the remote and hold it down. Then, click on the ‘Select’ button in the middle of the directional arrows and hold it down. You have to wait for the red light to flash twice. When it happens, leave the ‘TV’ and ‘Select’ buttons. With the help of the remote’s number keyboard, enter the first 3-digits code. If it is a valid code, the LED will flash two times. If it does not happen, repeat the process and use another remote code.


Make the TV on and click on the ‘TV’ switch. Check the Volume, Channel, Input and Power keys to make sure the remote is working. If you don’t get the proper response, check them twice and retry every code.

How will you program a Time Warner Cable Remote to a Sharp LCD TV?

The Time Warner Cable Remote can be used to control electronic gadgets other than the cable box. It can control a Sharp LCD TV. This will allow you to put the Sharp LCD TV remote away and use the Time Warner Cable Remote for the cable box and TV set. Before using the Time Warner Cable Remote with any Sharp television, you must program the remote with the TV. Check out the programming guide below:

  • First of all, switch on the Sharp LCD TV.
  • Hold the Time Warner Cable Remote at the Sharp TV. You have to continue doing this throughout the whole process.
  • Click on the TV button of the Time Warner Cable Remote and hold it for some time. Hold the TV button for 4 seconds till the remote light turns on.
  • Use one of the Sharp TV codes and enter it using the Time Warner Cable Remote. According to the user manual, the remote codes 019, 014, 081, 004, 236, 251, 143, 029, 175 and 022 can be used for Sharp televisions.
  • After that, click on the TV key on the Time Warner Cable Remote once more.  This will save the code.
  • Finally, test the Time Warner Cable Remote by hitting other buttons on the remote. If the remote does not respond, start the process again with a different code from the list.

How to program Time Warner Cable Remote to Vizio Television with Codes?

This process includes entering a code on the remote. This is how you have to perform the programming process:

  • Enter the 5-digit remote code matching the brand of the TV. The programming codes for Vizio televisions are 10864, 11756, 11758 and 10885. Any of these will work.
  • Press the component key for the device (TV) on the remote control.
  • Then, hit and hold down the SETUP key till it flashes two times.
  • After that, insert the 5-digit code designed for the Vizio TV. Once you do this, the LED light will blink twice.
  • If the light flashes more than twice, you should begin the process and re-enter the code once more.
  • After finishing the process, hold the programmed remote facing the TV and click on the Power button once. The TV will switch off and if not, you have to repeat the above steps.


In this post, you came to know about the programming method of Time Warner Cable Remote for different brand devices. Follow the steps properly after entering the correct code. In this way, you will successfully program your brand device with the Time Warner Cable Remote.