How to Program Symphonic TV Universal Remote without Codes

Symphonic devices are from one of the top brands and are found in many houses. There is an option that you can use your favorite remote to control the Symphonic TV with a matching code. Your favorite remote should be a universal remote that supports different codes matching your brand TV. However, one can program a universal remote without codes also.

These universal remote codes are scanned in the remote with the auto search method. To get the right remote code, one code is scanned at one time. This code when entered helps to program the remote for controlling the TV. Look at the steps below:

  • Your Smart device (TV) needs to be turned on to use the universal remote for operation. Next, switch on the remote and click the gadget button (TV, CBL or DVD) for three seconds. The flashing LED light denotes that the gadget is ready to use.
  • Point out the universal remote towards the device and tap the ‘CH+’ and ‘CH-‘keys. You can see your remote showing on/off signals. Pressing the ‘up’ or ‘down’ buttons will make the device turn off.
  • Click on the ‘power’ button and confirm the code. Your gadget should turn on. If it starts working, change the channels to confirm that the remote is well programmed.
  • Click the ‘device’ option for saving the code. The LED light will flash twice for verifying the code stored.

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