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Step-by-Step Guide:Program a FiOS Remote Control Without Code



In this guide, we will learn how to program a FIOS remote control without code. This method is easy and effective. By using this method you can control your FIOS device easily. 

No need to search for codes or any other complicated instructions. You can just follow this guideline and program. Now, we can start the guidelines 

First of all, you have to understand the basics of FIOS remote control. The FIOS remote can deal with a wide range of devices. So, for example, Tvs, DVDs, and music players. 


As you know, to connect the remote to the device you have to program it well. And, we will provide you with proper instructions to program correctly. 

Steps to program a FIOS remote control without code


Check your FIOS remote control if it’s working properly then go on. Also, remove the battery cover and make sure it is in working condition. If any issue occurs then replace the batteries with fresh ones. So you don’t face any problems during programming.



Turn on the device that you want to connect and program with the FIOS remote control. If it’s a TV switch on the TV or if DVD then turn on the DVD device.



Now, by using the FIOS remote control you have to press the “menu and ok” buttons repeatedly for 3 seconds. Then, the LED light will appear at the top of the remote. Make sure, you have to press the buttons continuously until the lights switch on. When the light appears it means the device is in programming mode. 


While the device is in programming mode you have to point out the remote to the device. And, press the “play” button. Then, the remote will start to search for the correct code spontaneously. While it occurs the light will blink



When the device gets the correct code, the device will turn off. To save the code, you have to press the “OK” button. The LED light will stop blinking which means the device got its code and you have programmed successfully.



Check the programmed FIOS remote by switching the device on and off. Also, check the volume and channel buttons are working. Make sure all the buttons of the FIOS remote are working on your device.


If your remote doesn’t find the correct code for the device or the automatic code search method fails, then this troubleshooting step is for you.


Manual search:

When you couldn’t find the best code. You can use this manual method. Manually search for the list of remote codes with proper instructions to program.

Reset and Try again:


If you face any issues during the programming process. You can remove the back cover of the remote, check the batteries, and press all the buttons. Again, start the process from step 3.

So, if you are facing any issues during or after programming please let us know. We can help you to program correctly. Below we have given the FAQ answer, try to read them to solve your issues or else comment below so we can help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Should I reset my FIOS remote control? 

You have to follow the below steps for resetting the FIOS remote control.

Press and hold on the “setup” button on the remote control until the red light indicates on the remote.


Now, using the numerical pad of the remote press 9-8-2 code. The red signal will indicate and blink twice. The remote has reset to its function. 

Can I connect multiple devices with a single FIOS remote?

Yes, you can easily connect multiple devices to a single FIOS remote such as TV, DVD, speaker, and more. Use the same programming process for each device.

My FIOS remote is not working. What should I do?  

If your FIOS remote isn’t responding then use the following steps


First, check the batteries are inserted and working properly. 

Try to remove all the objects facing between the device and the remote. Try to reprogram using the same method.

Can I use my FIOS remote with my non-FIOS devices? 

Yes, you can operate the FIOS remote with non-FIOS devices. 


How to find my specific device code?

If the auto code search method doesn’t work for you then you can use a manual code list for the FIOS remote control or visit the website to find the best codes. 

Why is my FIOS remote still not working after programming? What should I do

If the FIOS remote is still not working after programming. Follow the given steps Make sure your Device is suitable for the FIOS remote.

Check the battery functions and if needed replace the batteries. Try reprogramming the method without any errors. 


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