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Sceptre Soundbar Universal Remote Codes & programming Method



Do you want to program your universal remote control for your Sceptre soundbar? Here you get to see lots of universal remote codes in the table. Might be some of the codes are helpful for you. By using these codes it’s quiet easy to program your universal remote control. If you don’t to know how to program universal remote control for your Sceptre soundbar.  

If you here come to program your universal remote control. Then definitely you’ll be successful. Here we mention three types of programming methods by following the instruction you’ll be easily program your remote control is very short time span.

Sceptre Soundbar Universal Remote Codes


Sceptre Soundbar Universal Remote 4 Digit Code


How to program Sceptre Soundbar universal remote

It is method to program your remote through “Codes using method”. In which you have to enter the suitable codes for your device.


Step1: turn “ON” your device (soundbar).

Step2:  now, you can tap on the “AUX” button.

Step3: Now, hit on the “SETUP” button from your universal remote control. Press the “SETUP” button until key light is not blinks.


Step4: After blinking the light of the “SETUP” button.  You have release the “SETUP” button.

Step5: Now, enter this(9913 or 993) code from your remote control.

Step6: “AUX key” light will blinks twice if you entered the correct codes.


Step7: After this you may have to tap on the “POWER” button from your remote control and don’t forget to target your remote control in front of the soundbar.

Step8: Now tap on the “CH+”. Press the “CH+” button till your soundbar didn’t turned off.

Step9: May be universal remote control will send an “IR CODES” from the library for your soundbar.


Step10: press on the “Lock code” button.

Step11: if you followed every instruction correctly then “AUX” button will definitely blinks.


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