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How to Reset a Sceptre TV? Complete Guide



A basic troubleshooting procedure for Sceptre TV problems is successful. Several issues can resolve with a simple reset or a basic go-through of the hardware and menu options. Screen or internal hardware problems may need specialized repair/replacement in some situations. Even the simplest troubleshooting steps take a few minutes. Also, it often helps the television working again. If you want to know how to reset a Sceptre TV , read the guide given below.

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How to Reset Sceptre TV to Default Settings

By resetting many occasional troubles with the television can be resolve. There are two sorts of resets. The simple power cycle is the most popular and straightforward. The second method is to do a factory reset. Which restores the settings to their original positions? As if the televisions were brand new and used for the first time.


How to Do a Power Cycle?

A reset is required to repair minor issues after a power rush or interruption. To do the power cycle, follow the steps:

  • Unplug the television and wait a few minutes for the system to shut down completely.
  • Also, unplug all the devices connected to the TV and ensure that everything gets reset as well.
  • Finally, to check the status, connected to the power and turn the Television On. 

How to Do a Factory Reset?

In the first method, we saw how to reset a sceptre TV. Minor sound and picture problems can solve with a power cycle reset. But an unintended change in the settings is more difficult to diagnose. For persistent issues, a factory reset is the better solution. 

  • Open the settings menu using the remote control. 
  • Then, select the Set Up option from the settings menu. After that, click Reset to Factory to restore the default settings.
  • Finally, turn Off and On the TV to confirm the factory reset has taken effect.

How to Examine & Explore the Hardware

If a Sceptre TV reset does not solve the problem. Checking the hardware may resolve difficulties with picture and sound 

  • Inspecting the cables for signs of wear and tear.
  • Make sure the connections are secure, as a loose cable connection can lead to a slew of issues.
  • For functionality, the audio and HDMI cables are vital.
  • If either of these cables appears to be worn, consider replacing them.
  • Swapping out a different wire is a simple way to test the system.
  • If the new cable fixes the problem, the old one is most faulty. 

If the issue remains after evaluating and replacing external gear (cables, external audio systems etc.). Then, the television’s internal fault is most likely to blame. At this point, contacting a professional or seeking customer help is the best option.

Why You Need Support for Sceptre TV?

Sceptre provides an online customer support service for troubleshooting their television models. Check directly for service either by sceptre or at the point of buy before paying for repairs. Extended warranty on stores with in-house programs that include repairs and replacements.

Call or email the support team for help after performing warranty research. And determined that repair is the best option. They can guide you through several troubleshooting and diagnostics procedures. Some of which are redundant, such as power cycling and factory resets. If they can’t fix the problem, contact an electronic repair agency. Or replace the television.


In the above section, we discussed how to reset a sceptre TV with instructions. When changing a television, please don’t throw it away. Electronics recycling is crucial. It is better to sell a broken TV to someone interested in taking and repair it afterward. 

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