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RCA RCR504BR Remote Control Programming Codes: Easy Guide



Learn how to program your RCA RCR504BR remote to control your TV, VCR, DVD player, and more. This easy-to-follow guide provides a complete list of programming codes and step-by-step instructions.

Note: Rca rcr504br Remote Control designed to operate various electronic devices, including TVs, DVD players, VCRs, and more

Consider the programming methods that are appropriate for your device.


What are the Rca rcr504br Universal Remote Control Codes?

Are you looking for the universal remote code list for the RCA rcr504br? Thus, the following is the complete set of codes:

Programming Code: Requires specific programming codes to set up and operate different devices.These codes Compatible with a range of device types and brand

Polaroid1498, 1687, 0765, 1769, 1523, 1766, 1276, 2121
Mitsubishi0093, 1250, 0150, 0178
RCA0051, 1447, 2247, 1547, 1661,1781, 2187, 2434 0000, 0093,
GE1547, 1447, 0451, 0051, 0178 0000,
Sceptre1599, 1217, 1360, 2506 0878,
Durabrand0178, 0463, 0171
Sony0001 , 0810
Dynex2184 2049, 1463,
Proscan2256 0000, 1447,
Emerson1963 1864, 0178, 1394, 0451, 1665, 0171,1661, 0463,
1886, 1687, 2183
Hitachi0145 , 1643
Hisense2355 2098, 0748, 1660,
Magnavox2372 1755, 0802, 0051, 0171, 1856, 1963, 1365, 0054, 1866, 1454,
Samsung0702, 0060, 0812, 0178,1060,2051
Haier2309 1748, 1749,
RadioShack0178 , 0000
Sansui0463, 0171, 1935 1892, 1670,
Sharp0093 0818,
Coby2345, 2344, 2315, 2306, 1634, 2348
Sanyo1142 , 0054
Hello Kitty0451
JVC1253, 1774, 0053, 1601, 0463, 2264
Audiovox0451, 1769, 1868, 1766, 0802,
Insignia1423, 1564, 1660, 1963, 0463, 1710, 1892, 2049 0171,
Panasonic1291,2264 0051, 0250, 1480, 1457,
Olevia1331 1240, 1610,
LG0017, 2424 2358, 1423, 1447, 0178,
Philips1856,2372,2374 1744, 0054, 1454, 1866,
Funai1963 0171, 0001,
Spectroniq1687 , 1498
Envision0001, 1963 0171,
Scott0178, 1711
Sears0171 0000, 0178, 0156, 0054,
Broksonic1935 , 0463
Sheng Chia0093
Akai1675, 0812, 0702, 1935
Midland0000, 0051 0017,
Memorex0178, 0150, 1670, 1892 0463,
Penney0178 0156, 0000, 0060, 0051,
Apex Digital0765, 1217, 0748, 2397
Electrohome1670 0463,
GFM0171, 1665, 1963, 2167
Curtis2466 2352,
AOC2479 2014, 1365, 1589, 2087,

✍️Programming success depends on correctly entering the appropriate programming code for the target device.


How do I get started with Programming with Direct Entry

To begin, I’ve mentioned programming instructions via “Direct Code Entry.” Then we’ll discuss how to programme your remote control “manually.”

Step-1 To begin, turn “ON” the device that you desire to programme with the “RCA RCR504BR Remote Control.”

Step2: You’ll need four-digit remote codes to programme your remote. The whole list of codes is provided below.


Step3: Using your remote control, tap or hold the “CODE SEARCH” button until the “LED” light blinks or is turned “ON.”

Step4: Click the “TV” icon. The “LED” light blinks briefly before turning “ON.”

Step5: Enter the four-digit codes using the number pad. After entering the codes, the “LED” light is turned “OFF.”


Warning: If the “LED” light blinks repeatedly, it indicates that you entered invalid codes. Again, you must enter the codes and begin programming at “step2”.

Step6: At this point, tap the “OFF” button to power down your device. Your device must be switched “off.”

After some time, you can turn “ON” your device and verify whether or not your remote control works. By pressing the “VOL+” key, you can verify it.


If the volume of your device is increased, this indicates that your remote control is compatible with your device.

How are you going to programme with Code Search?

If your television, VCR, DVD player, satellite receiver, cable box, or digital TV converter does not respond after you have attempted all of the codes for your brand, or if your brand is not listed, try searching for your code using the Code Search Entry Method.

Follow these steps to programme your remote using the Code Search Entry Method:


Step-1. Manually power on the component for which you wish to programme the remote.

Step- 2. Hold the CODE SEARCH key down until the indicator light illuminates.

Step- 3. Depress and hold the CODE SEARCH key.


Step- 4. Press and release the component key that corresponds to the device you wish to control—TV, VCR, DVD, or SAT•CBL•DTC. The indicator light blinks once and then illuminates continuously.

Important: Locate and depress the ENTER key on your remote control. In step 6, you will need to quickly press this key.

Step- 5. Press and hold the ON•OFF key repeatedly until the component powers down. Important: It is possible that you will need to press the ON•OFF key up to 200 times.


Step- 6. Within four seconds of the component turning off, press the ENTER key. The indicator light is extinguished. Note: If you wait more than four seconds before pressing ENTER, the remote will advance to the next code—you must restart the code search from step 1.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – RCA RCR504BR Remote Control

Q1. What is the RCA RCR504BR Remote Control?


A1. The RCA RCR504BR Remote Control is a universal remote designed to operate various electronic devices, including TVs, DVD players, VCRs, satellite receivers, and cable boxes.

Q2. How do I program my RCA RCR504BR Remote Control?

A2. To program the RCA RCR504BR Remote Control, follow these general steps:

  1. Refer to the user guide for a list of programming codes.
  2. Turn on the device you want to control.
  3. Press and hold the “Code Search” button on the remote until the LED light illuminates.
  4. Enter the programming code for your device using the number keypad.
  5. Test the remote to ensure it controls the device’s functions.

Q3. What do I do if I can’t find a programming code for my device?

A3. If you can’t find a programming code for your device, you can try the manual programming method provided in the user guide. This method allows you to program the remote without a specific code.

Q4. Can I use the RCA RCR504BR Remote Control for multiple devices?

A4. Yes, the RCA RCR504BR Remote Control is designed to operate multiple devices. You can program it to control various electronic devices, such as TVs, DVD players, and VCRs.


Q5. How do I optimize the functionality of my RCA RCR504BR Remote Control?

A5. After programming, test the remote with your device to ensure that all functions work correctly. If some features don’t work as expected, you can try different programming codes to optimize functionality.

Q6. What types of devices are compatible with the RCA RCR504BR Remote Control?


A6. The RCA RCR504BR Remote Control is compatible with a wide range of devices, including but not limited to TVs, DVD players, VCRs, satellite receivers, and cable boxes.

Q7. Does the RCA RCR504BR Remote Control come with batteries?

A7. The RCA RCR504BR Remote Control may or may not come with batteries. It typically requires two AA alkaline batteries for operation.


Q8. How can I conserve battery life on the RCA RCR504BR Remote Control?

A8. To conserve battery life, the remote control automatically turns off if no buttons are pressed for a specific duration, typically around 60 seconds.

Q9. Can I reprogram my RCA RCR504BR Remote Control if I accidentally enter the wrong code?


A9. Yes, you can reprogram the RCA RCR504BR Remote Control if you accidentally enter the wrong code. Simply start the programming process again following the correct steps.

Q10. What should I do if my device doesn’t respond during programming?

A10. If your device doesn’t respond during programming, ensure it’s powered on and correctly positioned in front of the remote’s IR sensor. Retry the programming process with the correct code or use the manual programming method if necessary.


Troubleshooting Guide:

Troubleshooting Guide: Universal Remote Control Issues

Universal remote controls are convenient devices for managing multiple electronic devices with a single remote.


However, like any electronic equipment, they can sometimes encounter issues. Here’s a step-by-step guide to troubleshoot common universal remote problems

Check Batteries: Ensure that the remote has fresh batteries, and they are inserted correctly, matching the polarity markings.

Re-Program the Remote: Re-program the remote control for the specific device you’re trying to control. Ensure you use the correct programming code.


Test Other Functions: If only some functions are working, try other functions on the remote to see if they are functioning correctly.

Inspect for Damage: Examine the remote for physical damage like cracks or loose parts. If damaged, consider repairing or replacing it.

Repeat the Programming: Sometimes, reprogramming the remote a second time can resolve programming-related issues.


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