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Panasonic TV Codes for Comcast Universal Remote Control & Programming Guide



If you have a Panasonic TV and a Comcast universal remote control, you may be wondering how to program the remote to control your TV. This guide will show you how to do just that, so you can easily access all of your favorite features and content.

✍️ This guide include how to program Comcast remotes to work with Panasonic TVs using specific programming codes

Comcast’s universal remotes are so flexible that they can control your Panasonic TV just as well as any other just with the help of proper remote codes.


After completing this guide, you’ll be able to control your entertainment with the push of a button and enjoy a more streamlined experience.

Panasonic TV codes for Comcast universal remote control

It simplifies the process of Programming a Comcast remote to control a Panasonic TV by providing step-by-step instructions and a list of codes,These codes are designed to create universal code for entertainment equipment and devices.


How to Program a Comcast Remote to a Panasonic TV

Programming a Comcast remote using codes may be challenging for individuals who are not carefully follow the steps tp program Successfully


Methods for Entering Panasonic TV Codes

Setting up your Panasonic TV with your Comcast universal remote is simple. Just do what I say:

1. Auto Programming Method:


Step-1 Activate your Panasonic television.

Step-2 If your Comcast remote’s Red Light Indicator is red, you need to press and hold the “Setup” button until it becomes green.

Step-3 Input the code 9 9 1 using the telephone keypad.


Step-4 To turn off your TV, point the remote at it and continuously click the “Power” button. The remote is probably rotating through every potential code, so this could take some time.

Step-5 Press the “Setup” button once more after the TV has shut off to store the code.

2. Manual Programming Method:


The user manual for your Comcast remote should have a list of Panasonic TV codes. These codes usually consist of three or four numbers.

Step-1 Activate your Panasonic television.

Step-2 Wait for the LED indicator to turn green before releasing the “Setup” button.


Step-3 Use the numeric keypad to enter the code for your Panasonic TV.

Step-4 Press the “Power” button on the remote to see if it works. The proper code would cause the television to power down. If not, keep trying the other codes until you get it properly.

✍️ We advises users to repeat the process with a new code if some remote buttons do not work, which may require additional time and effort.



It’s not impossible to have trouble while learning how to use the Comcast remote with your Panasonic TV. Standard methods of problem solving include:

1. Remote Not Responding:

  • Check to see whether the batteries in your Comcast remote are still good and if they are in the right place.
  • If your Panasonic TV requires a code, please verify that you have entered the proper one. To find the right code, see the user handbook or utilise the code search function.
  • Make sure there is a clear path of sight between the remote and the TV’s infrared receiver.

2. TV Doesn’t Turn Off:

  • If a code doesn’t work to turn off your TV, try another one. Finding the right one could need multiple tries.

3. Can’t Find the Code:

  • Get in touch with Comcast’s support team if you’re having trouble finding a valid code for your Panasonic TV. They could provide you with additional codes or helpful advice.

4. Remote Resets Itself:

  • If the remote resets itself while you are programming it, start afresh and make sure you press and hold the “Setup” button for the required amount of time.

5. Other Device Interference:

  • The signals from the remote can be disrupted by other electronic equipment in the room. Make sure the remote can see the TV and that nothing is in its way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question1: What’s wrong with my Comcast remote so it won’t work with my Panasonic TV?

Answer: The battery may be dead or you may have entered the wrong code. To determine what’s wrong and how to fix it, review the aforementioned checklist.

Question 2: Can I set up my Comcast remote to operate my Panasonic sound bar as well?


Answer: The cable box, DVD player, and soundbar can all be operated with a single Comcast universal remote. To learn how to add new devices, check out the user guide.

Question3: Do Panasonic TV models have unique codes?

Answer: Depending on the Panasonic TV model, the Comcast remote code may be different. For the most up-to-date and complete list of codes, please see your remote’s user manual.


Question4: Can I use my Comcast remote with a TV that wasn’t purchased from them?

Answer: Comcast’s universal remotes work with a wide range of TV models. Other TV brands can be programmed in a similar fashion.

Question5: When all the codes have been tried and my Comcast remote still doesn’t work, what should I do?


Answer: If you’ve tried every possible combination of codes and the remote still won’t work, try calling Comcast’s customer service. They could offer more clarification or recommend different approaches.

Last Updated: The information’s last update was on October 1, 2023.


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