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How to Program Brighthouse Remote to TV with Code



Are you trying to Program Brighthouse Remote control? And searching code for bright house remote .you are searching code internet, but you didn’t find code anywhere.

Then no need to worry here. We come up with the best and correct code list which helps you to program your remote control.

In Bright house remote, you can program your remote using the setting button. 


Program Brighthouse Remote using Auto-Search Method : 

Step -1 Turn on the device you want to program 

Step -2  Press the TV and ok button at the same time.

Step -3. Then press and hold the Setup (ok )button until the selected mode key light blinks.


Step -4  Hit the channel button until tv turns off once tv turns off, press tv button.

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Step -5   Press Power Button 


Bright House Cable codes for One for All remote

Remote ModelCodes
URC78801877, 1376, 4537, 3294
URC36x01877, 1376, 3294, 4537
URC27811376, 1877, 0476, 0877
URC1050, URC3110, URC42201376, 1877
OARC03G, OARN03S, OARN08G51376, 51877
OFA models1877, 1376, 4537, 3294, 0476, 0877

4 Digit Code :Brighthouse Universal Remote Codes

1376 0476
1877 0877

5 digit codes :Brighthouse Universal Remote Codes



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