GE universal remotes are one of the best brands when talking about universal remote controls. It is a budget-friendly remote for your Element TV. GE universal remotes support all device brands with proper programming codes.

Getting the correct remote code is an essential factor when you program a universal remote control. But how will you get those right key codes which should match the brand of your programming device?

Yes, the answer for this is here as you will get the best compatible codes in this post for programming your Element TV.

You will get the GE codes for different versions such as CL3, CL4, and CL5 right here. You don’t have to search for them anywhere else. Besides the codes, you will also come across programming methods for programming the GE universal remote for Element TV. Check them below and program your Element TV.

GE Universal Remote CL3 Codes for Element TV

Here, you will get the GE remote codes for programming your Element TV in the CL3 version. Scroll
down the table given below and choose the right code for your device and perform the
programming instructions carefully. Add one code after another till you succeed in Element TV
programming with the GE remote.

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GE Universal Remote CL4 Codes for Element TV

If you are looking out for CL4 version GE codes for operating the Element TV, then you are on the right page. Here, you will get the best-linking codes for your Element TV wherein you have to pick the right one. So, check the table and enter the correct code and follow the programming setup correctly.


GE Universal Remote CL5 Codes for Element TV

In this post, you will get GE remote codes for the CL5 version and you can use these codes for
controlling the Element TV. These are the latest GE codes and you have to select a code from the list
that matches the make and model of your Element TV. Hence, by adding the right key code from the
table, you can easily program your Element TV with the GE universal remote.


GE CL6 Universal Remote Codes for Element TV


Control your Element TV with the GE Universal Remote

The step-by-step instructions are mentioned here:

Step-1 Find the Setup button on your GE remote and you have to press and hold it down for some
time. You will observe a red light on the remote turning on.

Step-2 Then, tap on the TV button of the remote control and release it since we are programming
the GE universal remote with the Element TV.

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Step-3 Now, you have to insert the four-digit GE code for the Element TV. If the GE remote is of CL3 version, enter 2401 and if the remote is of CL4 or CL5 version, add the code 5421. When you insert the code, the red light of the GE universal remote will shut off.

Step-4 Afterwards, you have to check the GE remote by pointing it to the Element TV. Press all the buttons on the remote to check whether they are working with the Element TV.

If they are working properly, you can use the GE universal remote to control your brand Element TV. If not, program the remote again with another code from the table.


So, here, you learned about how easy is to program a GE universal remote with your brand device when you enter the correct code. You have to pick the right code from the GE universal remote code list for Element TV and follow the programming user manual carefully. If this post was helpful, please share it with your friends and relatives.