Viper Car Alarm produces sophisticated automotive security systems controlled by remote devices. So, here we tell you how you can program viper remote. The widely used safety and remote start system have a remote control that allows users to activate and deactivate certain functions outside the vehicle. The remote control is small, easy to use, and runs on an easily replaceable button-cell battery. There are 4 buttons that control the basic functions of the system.

How to Program Viper Remote

Step 1: Press and release the lock with the image of the closed lock to turn on the alarm and lock the car door. You will hear a beep and the front indicator will flash once to confirm that the system is active. The LED on the top of the remote control will light up.

 Step 2: Press and hold the lock button to lock the door and turn on the alarm or enter panic mode. This function should be used to attract attention in case of emergency.

Step 3: After opening the lock icon, press and release the unlock button to unlock the car and turn off the alarm. This feature also prevents the alarm from being triggered in “panic mode”.

Step 4: Press and release the “AUX” button to work in “Automatic mode”. This will prevent the sound and flashing of the beep so that a beep is activated.

Step 5: Press the Star button to start the car automatically. In addition, the engine is turned off while the engine is running.

Open the car door and press the lock button, unlock button, and lock button to enter the auxiliary mode. The alarm is deactivated. In Valet Mode, the LED at the top of the remote control lights up.