Every brand of home entertainment devices you can control by “Time Warner Remote Control Codes”. Every remote not have the same programming methods. Through this remote, you can operate all your devices. Programming instruction is given below.

Programming Instruction for Time Warner Remote Control Codes:

STEP 1: Start your device that you want to program with time warner remote control such as (TV/DVD/VCR and man more).

STEP 2: Press these two buttons at the same time. “SELECT” button “MUTE” button, until the “POWER” button light comes “ON”.

STEP 3:  Enter the 3-digit Time Warner Remote Codes. Which is suitable for the device. Found these “Time Warner Remote Codes” listed below in the table.

STEP 4: Enter the code using the number pad of your remote. If you enter the correct code then your device will turn “OFF”.

STEP 5: Tap the “MUTE” button from your remote. If your device turns “OFF” and immediately turn “ON”.

Then press the “SELECT” button from your Time Warner Remote Control. Then your code, as well as programming, saved.

If this not happen then you have to go for the next step6.

STEP 6: Enter the three-digit that is listed below. Try with every code for your device. When you enter the correct code your device will automatically turn’s “ON”.

Remember when your screen turns “ON”. Then immediately you press the “SELECT” button from your Time Warner Remote Control. By this process your code and programming method save. If this problem is not solved then you have to go through the given step below.

STEP 7: If you cannot find a suitable Time Warner Remote Control Codes then you can enter the code “9-9-1”.

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