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Phillips CL019 Universal Remote Codes & Program Method



In a world where everything revolves around technology, human lives are becoming simple. The advent of technology is cutting the hours in any process.

One typical example of it is universal remote controls. Now, you can say goodbye to the hassle of multiple remote functioning for audio and video applications at your place.

The universal remote is a one-stop solution to handle various devices like CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Television and more in one go. This application is excellent to use and very handy.


Philips universal remote cl019 can operate the function of three devices, including TVs, DVD players, cables, etc. To control the electronic device to use a universal remote control, you need to program remote to synchronize with each device.

Now, if you have a Philips TV and looking for its universal remote codes, read this user-friendly guide.

Here, we will specially talk about the Philips Universal remote Clo19. Going through the manual, you will also find Philips Universal remote cl019 codes. So, stay tuned.


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Check out the Full List of Philips Universal Remote Codes CL019  

The given list of Philips universal remote cl019 codes helps you pick the correct code for your device. In case if the code doesn’t work, please check the other code for the process.


Complete Steps to Process Philips Universal Remote cl019 Setup

Step-1 Turn on the device you want to link to the remote control. For example, it is a television


Step 2 Tap on the CL019 Control the “Cold Search” button of the universal remote control. Remove this button only after red lighting with a remote turn.

Step 3 Refers to CL019 on the device you want to link the link as you can point on TV.

Step 4 Press “Channel-up” for your TV or press “Play” of other electronic devices such as VCR, DVD player, etc. When pointing to the remote on that device, press the device again to link with. It finds the database so that you can find it remotely for device manufacturing code. After retrieving the correct code, the device switches off or changes the channel. Before answering the device, you need to press the button 300 times.


Immediately after the device in step 1, press “Mute” directly. The code gets installed on CL019 Remote.

The Conclusion

In the above guide, we have explained Philips Universal remote CL019 setup with various devices like CD, DVD, and more. Also, we have given a complete list of all the Philips Universal remote CL019 codes for the procedure.


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