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GE Universal Remote

How to get GE Universal Remote Codes for Roku



Roku is a widely used streaming media. It comes with a dedicated remote device in its setup. However, you can keep an alternative or spare remote to keep your streaming service uninterrupted. You can use the GE Universal Remote compatible with Roku streaming devices as an alternative.

You can shorten the process of programming the GE Universal Remote by entering the correct code with your Roku device. This article provides you with a list of GE Universal Remote Codes and the shortest ways to program your Roku device with it.

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Note: The GE Universal Remote can be used as a relatively cost-effective alternative controller for Roku. Depending on the model of the universal remote, you can program the Roku device with the remote by selecting specific programming codes from different code lists.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Roku

This section provides you with dedicated Cent Percent Working Codes according to your model of GE Universal Remote. You can check the model code of the remote by opening the battery slot of your GE universal remote and selecting the specific code list by model code.


GE Universal Remote CL5 Codes for Roku

Hisense (Roku Tv)6251, 6171, 2891, 1741
Hitachi (Roku Tv)6171, 2891, 1741
Insignia (Roku Tv)6381, 6171, 2891, 1741
Sharp (Roku Tv)6251, 6001, 6171, 2891, 1741

GE Universal Remote Code Programming Method for Roku

Step 1. Turn on the Roku device you want to program your GE Universal Remote to control.


[Tips: Remove elements that are blocking your Roku device’s sensor.]

Step 2. Press and keep holding the SETUP button on your GE universal remote.

[Tips: You need to press and hold the setup button for at least 5 seconds.]


Step 3. After that, you need to press the specific device button from your GE universal remote for 6 seconds.

[Tips: For Roku TV devices you can press the TV button and for Roku streaming devices you can press the STRM device button.]

Step 4. Now you have to enter the specific programming code from your GE universal remote using the numeric buttons.


[Tips: You can find a complete list of GE Universal Remote Codes by the remote model at the beginning of this article.]

Step 5. The red LED button on your remote will turn off when the correct code is entered.

[Tips: If the red LED on your remote does not turn off, follow the same steps again and apply another code.]


Step 6. After entering the code successfully, you need to check the functionality of each button.

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