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How to fix error code 3E on Samsung Washer



3E error indicates that there is a defect in the hall sensor or in the motor drive. Which results in an immediate stop to the washing cycle. Causing the user unexpected trouble. And which is why the 3E error needs to be resolved with priority.

  It’s very uncommon for the Samsung Washer to signal the 3E code without any real issue. In most cases this code appears after regular intervals of a certain pattern. The 3E code has a series of analogs with the same decoding.

The EA code indicates the same sensor defect in the older variants of Samsung washing machines.


The following codes also indicate sensor defect 3E1, 3Е2, 3Е3, 3Е4, 3С, 3С1, 3С2, 3С3, 3C4.

8Е, 8С, 8С1 indicates issue in the vibration sensor.

And the 3C codes indicates that the motor of the washer is losing its power and hence not working in its best condition.


How does the Samsung washer without the display screen indicate the 3E error?

Look for the burning lights. If they are at 60/40°C then the machine is trying to inform the user about the 3E code. This happens when the washing cycle is in process, and the drum is spinning.


  1. The reason for the 3E code in most of the cases is the loose wiring connection. Or wire not connected properly or is defected.
  2. Loading the machine with less/more than said amount of laundry in one washing cycle.
  3. Unwanted particles stuck between the tank and the drum.
  4. Short term defect in the control module.
  5. Issue with the hall sensor.
  6. Issue with the vibration sensor.
  7. Inadequate power of drive belt.
  8. Low engine power because of the worn out brushes and broken windings.
  9. When the magnetic ring or the motor shaft gets oxidized the sensor may display wrong signal of there being a defect.
  10. Also when there are unwanted particles stuck between the magnetic ring or the motor shaft the same false signal could be given by the machine.
  11. Improper connection between the motor and the sensor is also another reason of the 3E code.

Weakened Drive Belt:

This is not a very common reason for the 3E code. The weakened drive belt results in rotating of engine and then spinning of the drum. Which lets the self-diagnostic system of the machine to signal the 3E error code.

Solving the 3E code:

  1. When one knows the reason it’s easy to solve the puzzle.  Below we have mentioned everything you need to know about resetting the washer by yourself.
  2. In case the cause is overloading of laundry, simply switch off the machine and take out the extra laundry.
  3. For the stuck particles between the tank and the drum, remove the front wall of the technique and clean the hole to remove all the unwanted objects.
  4. Switch off the machine. Plug out from the main switch. Wait for few minutes and then switch on the machine. This will resolve the temporary defect of the control module.
  5. For the hall sensor issue, replace the hall sensor with a new one. For this,
  6. Remove the back wall of the machine. 
  7. Next remove the drive belt.
  8. Now remove the wiring from the engine and unscrew the part.
  9. Lastly replace the sensor.
  10. Also check the engine brushes and replace them too if required. For this,
  11. Check and clean the carbon brushes connection.
  12. Clean the magnetic ring.


  • Regularly check carbon brushes if they are present in the machine.
  • Keep the motor capacitor in good condition.
  • Ensure proper working of motor tacho.
  • Ensure proper connections.
  • Have a check on main control module.

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