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How Do You Program a One for All Urc 3220 Remote



 Beneath your living room sofa, you see that remote controls seem to increase because every time you move around, there is one more. By shifting to a universal remote, you can reduce the number of remote controls. Users can operate several devices using the “One for All Universal Replacement Remote 3220”. Having large-shaped buttons makes the usage very simple by feel alone.

The remote manual includes the programming code for the device’s manufacturer.

Step -1 : Boot up the device you are programming the URC 3220 remote to operate.


Step 2 : Push the “DVD/VCR” “CBL/SAT” or “TV” button on the remote.

Step 3 : Push and hold the “SET” button until the red LED flickers twice.

Step 4 : Enter the manufacturer’s code after releasing the “SET” button. To confirm the entry, the LED will flicker twice.


Step 5 : Push the “POWER” key after aiming the URC 3220 at the device. The device will shut down if the code worked. If the device does not shut down, use the following code on the list and redo steps three to five.


Try looking for another code, if none of the codes for your device’s manufacturer worked. Type the code “991” after redoing the programming steps. Push the “POWER” and the “device” key consecutively until the device shuts down. Then push the “SET” key.


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