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GE Universal Remote

 The Best GE Universal Remote Codes For Samsung Tv



Are you looking for Samsung tv codes for GE universal remote? If so, here you will find the best code. We will provide all the applicable remote codes to the program. You can choose any code that helps you to program. 

In this article, we will list down all the best GE universal remote codes for Samsung tv. Also, the GE universal remote and the Samsung tv are the best pair to program and control. You can find GE universal remote codes for Samsung TVs here. 

As you know, the universal remote code is the major thing for programming. So, choose the correct one. If the selected code is correct then no worries the programming will be successful.  


The step-by-step process is given so that you can find it easy to program. You just need to follow each step the same as given. Put the digit exactly what is given in the code table. So, that you can program correctly

Now, let’s move on to the topic and search for your GE universal remote code. 

GE Universal Remote Codes For Samsung Tv

All the GE universal remote codes are listed below. you just have to look for your brand and model name remote code to program.


The applicable remote codes are valid and the remote codes are updated day by day. You can select any code of your choice but it needs to be under your brand name.

First, select your remote code and program. When the selected code is correct then, the programming method will be done easily. If not, then you have to try again with the next code. 

Now, you can find your GE remote code in the following table


How To Program GE Universal Remote For Samsung Tv

Step 1 First, switch on your Samsung Tv to program and operate with the GE remote.

Step 2 Now, start the processing. Facing the remote control towards the tv press and hold the setup button. A tiny red light will appear on the remote button.

Step 3 Press the device button now. The device that you want to control. Here, we will press the tv button.


Step 4 Now, enter the device code that you have found above. After entering the code, if the tiny light turns off. That means you have entered the correct code.

Note: when the tiny light does not turn off. Then, the code is wrong and you have to enter the next code. The above code list has several codes and you can enter all the code one by one. Unless the tiny light turns off and you found the correct code. 

Step 5 After finding the correct code. Holding the remote control towards tv press the power button.


Step;6  The tv will turn off if you have programmed it correctly. If the tv remains on, try again with different codes on the code list.

That’s it when the tv turns off and turns on again. Press different keys on the remote control, for example, press the channel button and volume button. If the device (tv) responds to the commands then, you have programmed. 

The different brands of universal remote codes are listed on our website. If you want some other brand name remote code also. Then, visit this website and search for any brand name remote code you want. 


When the remote code is selected then the next thing you have to do is to program. To program the GE remote with the Samsung tv you have to follow the instructions.

The complete instruction is given below. After selecting your corresponding code, you have to follow the instructions.


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