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What is the proper way to utilize the Mediacom Remote?



While your cable box’s controls provide the required options for viewing cable TV, Mediacom’s remote enhances your digital cable viewing experience. In addition to providing access to Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View content, your Mediacom remote can also be used to operate the other components in your home-entertainment center. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of your Mediacom remote in order to fully operate your home entertainment.

The Initial Programming Steps for Your Remote Control

In order to check for the programming codes for your home theater components, you will need to direct your web browser to the Mediacom Remote Support website (see References). Under your remote, you’ll see a link that says “Click Here for Device Codes.” Click on that link.

Click the tab corresponding to the type of electronic equipment you wish to program. Fill out the blanks for “Brand” and “Model.” Notate the programming codes that are displayed. Use the code search to find other devices to program.


Turn on the gadget to be programmed. Press the appropriate button on the remote. To program a DVD player, for instance, hit the “DVD” button on your remote. Click the “Setup” button until the chosen button flashes twice. Enter its programming code using the remote’s numeric keypad. Repeat this process to program your other devices.

Basic Functions

To switch your Mediacom remote to the mode of the desired device, press one of the component buttons. Press the “Power” button to “On” or “Off” the specified device.


To switch between the audio and video inputs on the specified device, use the “Source” button. Using the “Source” button, for instance, you can switch your television from an element source to an HDMI source.

Utilize the playback controls on your remote to fast-forward, rewind, or stop live or recorded programming on your DVR. The playback buttons may also be used to control the playing of DVD and Blu-ray players that have been preset.

To watch a video from Mediacom’s Video on Demand library, select the VOD option. To watch the Pay Per View segment, select the PPV option. To view Mediacom’s channel guide, use the “Guide” button. You can exit this window and go back to the current broadcast by using the “Exit” button.


Configure the Atlas DVR or OCAP Remote

Step 1:Turn on the device manually that you wish to program the remote to operate.

Step 2: Click the mode button corresponding to the device type you wish to program the remote to operate. The mode keys are the buttons labeled “AUX,” “DVD,” “AUD,” “TV,” and “CBL” found along the top of the remote. The mode key chosen will flash once. Press and hold the “Setup” button until the mode button blinks twice.

Step 3: Enter “991” on the number pad of the remote. The mode key chosen will flash twice.


Step 4: The “Power” button is pressed. Aim the remote control at the gadget it will be used to operate. Then, push the “Channel Up” button slowly and consistently until the gadget turns off. This indicates that the remote is temporarily configured with the device’s control code.

Step 5 Press “Setup” to store the code permanently.


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