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How to Program a Rca Universal Remote to a TV without Code



People always want good quality products and that too at cheap rates. If you are getting one of them, why don’t you buy that? Yes, I am talking about RCA universal remote which is very popular and has high features. These RCA universal remotes are available in the form of 4-device, 6-device and 8-device models. You can choose any of them depending upon your priority. If you choose a 4-device RCA universal remote, then you can control up to four devices with that single RCA remote control. Here, you will learn about RCA universal remote programming without code which is explained in the form of step-by-step methods below.

An RCA universal remote can be used to program televisions, DVDs, Blu-Ray players, Set-top-boxes, etc. If you follow the programming steps properly, you can easily control your brand device with this RCA universal remote. Just scroll down and gain information from this post to make your entertainment life easy.

What Are the Rca Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV


How do you program an RCA Universal Remote without using any codes?

In this method, you don’t have to enter a remote code manually; instead the RCA universal remote automatically finds the code and completes the programming. Here, I will describe the method of programming the RCA universal remote to TV without codes. You can use this method to program DVDs, VCRs, Blu-Rays or STBs.

  • Firstly, switch on the appliance such as TV, VCR, DVD, etc. that you want to configure with the RCA universal remote. If your programming device is a TV, then turn your smart TV on.
  • Point the RCA universal remote towards the device such as TV, VCR, DVD etc. that you will be programming the universal remote. Here, you have to press and release the TV button on the RCA universal remote. The on/off button of the RCA remote will light up and remain on.
  • Press the TV key and simultaneously the on/off button of the RCA remote. Hold down the button till the light up on/off button gets off and turns on again. After that, you have to let go both the buttons.
  • Find the Play button on the RCA remote and you have to press and release it. If your brand TV does not turn off again, click on the Play button every 5 seconds till the device shuts off.
  • Press the Reverse button on the RCA remote and release it. Your TV will start again. If not, tap on the Reverse button for five seconds till your device turns on.
  • When the device turns on, press and leave the stop button to secure the auto code search programming.
  • That’s all with the programming process. Now, you can use the RCA remote control for the device which you have programmed.

How to Find Rca Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV

What to do when I don’t get the specific remote code from the instructions booklet?

At such times, you have to visit the official website of RCA and there is a code finder page. From the drop-down, you have to choose the device’s brand name and its category. When choosing both drop-downs, you can see all the RCA universal remote codes for your brand device. Note the remote code and begin the programming method.

How do we get to know whether 4 or 5-digit RCA codes should be used while programming the RCA remote?

The 4 or 5-digit RCA universal remote code can be identified from the remote user manual. In this manual, it is clearly said which digit codes you should prefer while programming the universal remote. In some RCA universal remotes, this information is given on the back of the remote just under the remote battery location.


What can be the issue if my RCA Universal Remote stopped working with the Device?

The RCA remote programming may be disturbed due to the battery being removed from the remote when it has fallen. You have to re-pair the universal remote again with the device.

What to do if the function buttons did not work after successful RCA remote programming?

After successful programming, if you find the function buttons of the RCA remote not responding, you have to use other codes from the code list. In most cases, there is more than one code available for every brand. So, you can program with another code if one fails to work out. Before starting the re-programming with another RCA universal remote code, remove the battery from the remote and put it back again. Then, start the re-programming with another code.

How will you fix the RCA Universal Remote not working issue?

You have to follow the below steps when your RCA universal remote does not respond to devices:


Check the RCA Remote Batteries: The RCA universal remote can be paired with devices like DVD, TV, VCR, Home Theatres, STB boxes, etc. The RCA remote not responding to these appliances is the most common problem. When you encounter such issues, the first thing you have to do is check the RCA remote batteries. Battery drainage problem is one of the most common problems. When none of the RCA remote buttons works, you must check the batteries first. The probability percentage of battery drainage is more in RCA remotes that carry a backlit featured button. The RCA universal remote requires more charge when backlit featured.

Set the RCA Universal Remote to the Correct Mode:

Sometimes, you may have put the RCA remote into incorrect mode due to which the RCA universal remote does not respond to the device. If your RCA universal remote is in DVD mode and you are trying to work it with the television, the TV will not respond with the RCA remote. You should put the universal remote to the correct mode. If you are utilizing the RCA remote to operate any device, then click on the appropriate buttons such as AUX, TV, DVD, and VCR, to set the RCA universal remote to device mode. If you are trying to pair the remote with the TV, then you need to put it in TV mode.

Remove the Obstacles between the RCA Universal Remote and the Device:

Most RCA universal remotes are IR-based remote controls. IR means infrared connectivity. IR-based universal remote controls require a direct line of sight between the device and the universal remote control. If any interruptions break the path between the RCA remote and the device, it will break the communication commands between the device and the RCA universal remote. You should also take care if there is any thick layer on the front side of the RCA remote control IR LED light.


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