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How to Make the Remote Control for Your Pioneer Receiver Work With Your Tv?



The Pioneer remotes, which normally come packaged with a receiver, can be classified as a variety of universal remote control. This indicates that the remote control was developed to be compatible with a wide variety of televisions produced by a number of different brands. However, in order for the remote to operate properly with your particular television, it will first need to be set up or programmed. In order to accomplish this, you will first need to check to see if the remote’s battery life is getting dangerously low.

Pioneer Receiver Remote Program TV

Step 1: After removing the battery cover, replace the existing AA batteries in the remote with fresh ones. It’s time to change the battery cover.

Step 2: To turn on the television, you need to press the “Power” button on the back of the device.


Step 3: Aim the remote control at the television and simultaneously push the “CATV” and “TV” buttons on it. After a duration of three seconds, the indication light will become active. The remote will thereafter be in the “SET Mode” once you press this button.

Step 4: To enter the programming for the television, use the “TV” key.

Step 5: To turn off the TV, repeatedly press the “Volume Up” button gently until the screen goes black.


Step 6: To change the password for the television, you need to press the “TV” key.       

How can I link my Pioneer receiver with my television?

The Parts and Accessories page.

Attach a Coaxial Digital Cable, Optical Digital Cable, or Audio cable to your television’s Audio Output jack.


Attach the jacks on the opposite end of the wire to the appropriate ports on the audio-video receiver or home theater system.

Turn the TV on.

What is the procedure for programming a Pioneer receiver?


Start the device you’re configuring by turning it on manually…

Maintain pressure on the “code search” button located on your Pioneer remote and press it repeatedly.

You should then immediately release the button on your remote that corresponds to the device you intend to configure once you have pressed it.


How can I make use of the optical port on my Pioneer receiver?

The Home Menu may be accessed by pressing the button on the remote that looks like a house, then selecting System Setup, and finally Input Setup. On the page for setting up the input, use the arrow keys to navigate to the input you choose to use for the video. Next, use the arrow keys to navigate down to the Digital In section and choose the proper Optical input (probably OPT-1)

How do you fix issues with a Pioneer receiver?


If the receiver does not respond when you press buttons on the device or the remote control, reset the unit by turning it off and then back on. If this does not address the issue, try unplugging and then reconnecting the A/C cable. Check the batteries in the remote and, if required, replace them.

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