Are you get tired with your remote to program for universal remote control. Then you have to know about how to do programming for radio shack universal remote control? Here I let you know about the programming methods for your universal remote control. Here you also get the TV/DVD/etc. codes also.

So, get seated with your remote and learn the programming steps. Which I suggest you do to easily and correctly your remote can program. Dailypostarticle suggests some steps regarding your remote steps and its code given below.


Radio shack is having a wide variety of electronic devices such as TV/DVD/SOUND BARS/VCR or CABLE RECEIVER/etc. But It also produces “Radio Shack Universal Remote”. Universal remote control just easies the experience to control all your home devices with a single remote control.

Programming Methods for Radio Shack Universal Remote:

Here are some important steps which can program your remote easily and without any difficulties, or it may take only 10-15 minutes to program your remote. So, let’s start:

Step1: Turn the “Power” button “On” for the device which you want to program.

Step2: Press the button which you want to program such as (TV/DVD/VCR/SOUND BARS) and many more.

Step3: Press and hold the “SETUP” button until the indicating(RED) light blinks “twice”.

Step4: Enter this code “9-9-1”.

Step5: After that press the “power” button and then select the device programming button such as (TV/DVD) and many more.

Step6: Press the “back” button until your device turns “OFF”.

Step7: Press and hold down the “POWER” button again for saving your code.

By following these methods might be successful for the program your Radio shack universal remote. If your problem is solved then please comment below or problem is not solved then also please comment on we help you out.

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Radio Shack Universal Remote Code List:  

Three, four, and five-digit RadioShack TV codes for Philips universal remote controls:

3 digit codesfor SBCRU220, SBCRU422, SBCRU440

192 207 205

057 066 046

181 059 074


4 digit codes (v.1)for SBCRU510, SRM5100, SRU7060

0064 0057 0074

0177 0181 0205


4 digit codes (v.2)for SRU2040, SRU3003, SRU5108

0704 0002 0406

0506 0906 0618

0502 0324 0835

0601 0802 0705

0805 0111

4 digit codes (new CLx)for SRP2014H, SRP2017B, etc.

0001 0141 0341

0931 1001 1221

1571 1701 1261

1911 1941 1421

2191 4731 4921

1691 2111 3421


5 digit codes for SRP5016, SRP5018, SRP3014

19247 10005 11400

12210 14235 15532

16915 14216 11125

17342 13403 19307

10011 12615 15716

17013 19114 19411


RadioShack brand code for SRP2008B, SRU5110