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dish network remote codes

Program Dish Network Universal Remote to Sylvania TV & Code



Need to use two different remote controls to operate, Dish Network Receiver and Television Set?

Well, dish network’s universal remote can be used to operate many entertainment devices. One such device is Sylvania television which can be connected with the dish network universal remote to operate it.

So with the use of the dish network remote, you can operate both, your Sylvania television and dish network receiver with just one remote.


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A variety of TV models are made by Sylvania Company, hence the dish network remote also has a whole list of codes for different models of TV, so to setup the remote with the right TV properly.


This codes are easily available in the remote control manual and also on the dish network’s website. Refer to the Dish Network Remote Codes List before programming.

Dish Remote Codes for Sylvania TV


Program Dish Remote to Sylvania TV

Step-1 Switch on the TV

Step-2 Locate a button with an antenna symbol on your remote and just press and hold it until “SAT” and “TV” buttons light on.


Step-3 Now when u release the antenna button you will see that the “TV” button will flash once.

Step-4 Next, press the “TV” button and enter the code using the keypad of the remote.

Step-5 Press “Mute” button to save the code used.


Step-6 To check the code, press the “TV” button. If the code is right the TV will switch off. If this doesn’t happen repeat the above steps again with a different code.

Step-7 Continue picking the codes from the list of codes until you find the one that matches with your Sylvania TV model.

Step-8 Once you find your code, your TV is easily workable with the dish network remote.


Step-9 To check the programming of the remote, try other functions on the remote like adjusting volume using volume up/down buttons, change channels using keypad.

Step-10 If, any of the function is not working try re-programming the remote following the above mentioned steps again, using different codes, until you find the one which lets you operate all the functions of the remote.

Step-11 Once you find that code, you are all ready to use your dish network remote control with your Sylvania Television set.


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