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Onkyo Universal Remote Control Codes

Onkyo is a Japanese-based electronics organization which was started in 1946. Currently, they produce many products for the home audio and video markets. Those products include a line of remote controls for replacing broken or lost remotes or simply combining the functions of different appliances’ remotes into one. In this post, you will come across one such remote known as Onkyo universal remote that can be programmed in simple steps when paired with the necessary device Onkyo Universal Remote Control Codes .

Here, you will also learn about Onkyo receiver remote codes and the process to program the remote with the device. The below-mentioned methods are best to program no matter whatever universal remote you use for programming the Onkyo receiver. So, let’s have a look at this article and program your favorite device with the Onkyo universal remote.

Onkyo Universal Remote Control Codes

Onkyo Audio Programming Codes

Onkyo audio systems provide you with a loud and clear sound. They can be controlled with the Onkyo universal remote when linked with the right key code. You will get those matching codes in the below table. Enter one code and program the Onkyo audio device. If it fails, use another remote code from the list of codes and perform the programming steps. Here, you will get the best Onkyo audio programming codes for programming the device.


Onkyo DVD Programming Remote Codes

Are you using an Onkyo DVD player and wanted to operate it with the universal remote? Get the solution right here as you will get the Onkyo universal remote codes for programming your Onkyo DVD player. Try one code after another till you succeed in your favorite device programming.


Onkyo Receiver Universal Remote Codes

If you want to program the Onkyo receiver that you are using for your device, you will easily get the matching codes in the below table. You need to add the correct code and then follow the programming method. After entering the right code, you can use the Onkyo universal remote for controlling the Onkyo receiver.


GE Universal Remote Codes for programming the Onkyo Receiver

A GE universal remote can be used to control the Onkyo receivers when connected with the perfect code. You will get those programming Onkyo receiver codes in the list of codes given below. When you use the correct code for programming the GE universal remote, you can easily control the Onkyo receiver with a few simple programming steps. The below table consists of the latest GE universal remote codes for configuring the Onkyo receiver.


How do you program an Onkyo Universal Remote Control?

You can program your Onkyo universal remote by following the step-by-step instructions given below:

Step 1

Firstly, you must locate the programming code for the device whether it is a TV, DVD player, VCR, etc. that you want to program the Onkyo remote to. While buying the Onkyo remote, you will get the list of codes for all major brands of components. You have to check Onkyo’s online support page to get the list that accompanies your brand remote if you don’t have one.

Step 2

Next, you have to hold down the remote mode key for the meant device (DVD, TV, VCR, etc.) and click the ‘Display’ key or ‘Standby’ on some brands for 3 seconds.

Step 3

Use the number pad of the remote to insert the four or five-digit code depending on the device model within 30 seconds. Some brands of components have more than one option in the list of codes. If one code fails to work, try another code from the code list. The remote indicator will blink two times when the code gets accepted.

The Final Words

We hope, you got complete information on programming an Onkyo universal remote for different brand devices. All you have to key in the correct code and perform the programming steps properly. When the code gets accepted, you can use your Onkyo universal remote for controlling your favorite devices.

Share this post with many people so that they can also take benefit of these Onkyo universal remote codes for programming the universal remote for their Onkyo devices. You can also control other brand devices with the Onkyo universal remote when paired with the proper code.