Program lg blu- ray remote to tv? Here we mention all the programming instruction to program your remote control  for Lg brand as well as Samsung brand devices. To program your remote control according to your devices sit on the chair and just follow these step.

I hope you can check the batteries of your remote control. After this you have to “ON” device which you want to program.

NOTE: In this programming method you need universal remote codes for your remote control. All the remote codes are listed below you have to find the code according to your device brand.

Step1: Keep your blu-ray remote control in front of your device which you want to program.

Step2: Now, you find the “TV” button on your remote control. When you get the “TV” button then tap the “TV” button.

Step3: Now, you have to press and hold the “TV” and you have to enter the code which is suitable for your device.

Step4: If your remote control is programmed according to your device then your device will automatically turns “OFF”.

Step5: Now, you have to again “ON” your device to check whether it’s working or not.

You can it by pressing “VOL+” button. If your remote control is able to increase the volume of your device. Then your remote control is programmed successfully to control your device according to you.

NOTE: If you remove the batteries then you have to program your remote control again. To control your device with blu-ray remote control.

Lg Blu-Ray 5 Digit Remote Codes

Brand Code
Panasonic 31641
Sylvania 30675
Toshiba 31769
Integra 31769 ,32147
Insignia 30675 ,32428, 32596
Denon 32258
Yamaha 32298
Samsung 30199
RCA 31769
Xbox 32083
Philips 32084 , 32434
LG 30741
Microsoft 32083
Magnavox 30675
JVC 32365
Onkyo 31769 ,32147
Viore 32553
Vizio 32563
Sharp 32250
Marantz 32414

4 Digit Lg Blu Ray Remote Codes

Brand Code

3-Digit LG Blu-Ray Universal Remote Codes