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Instructions for Programming Cable Remotes to Work With Your Tv



Universal remote controls make up the majority of the remotes that come with cable TV service. It follows that you can program your cable TV remote to operate your television, as well as other audio and video equipment, in addition to your cable box.

Entering the TV manufacturer code for the brand of television you are programming the remote to link to is the fastest way to get your remote to work with your TV.

To program your remote, you don’t necessarily need to know this code; it just takes longer when you don’t.


Instructions for Using a Universal Remote Control with Comcast or Cox Cable

Step -1 You should start watching TV.

Step -2 Two, hit the TV button once on your remote. After the TV button has blinked twice while you held the “Setup” button, you can let go.

Step -3 Key in the search terms 9 9 1. To indicate that a valid code has been entered, the TV button will flash twice.


Step -4 Fourthly (On universal remotes from Cox Cable and Comcast Cable, with the gray “OK/SEL” button), Just point the remote at the screen. To power down your TV, toggle between the “TV” and “Power” buttons on your remote control. When the TV power light goes out, you know you’ve entered the correct code.

Step -5 (Red “OK/SEL” button universal remote for Comcast) Click the number “1” button on your remote. Two blinks will occur at the TV button. Aim the remote at the Television, click the “Power” button, then continually push the channel up button on the remote until the TV turns off.

Step -6 Sixth, to permanently store the active code, press the “Setup” button on your remote.


Controlling the RCN Remote

Activate your television by turning it on.

(With regard to “REDESIGN” remote controls) You can change the power mode of your remote by pressing and holding the “OK/SEL” and “Mute” buttons at the same time until the power mode buttons at the top of your remote start blinking sequentially.

(This is the remote control for “contec’s CheckMate” remotes) Pressing both the “Device” and “Mute” buttons on your remote at the same time and holding them down till the power mode buttons at the top of your remote begin to blink sequentially is the correct procedure. Simply activating the light by pressing the “TV” button.


Keep pressing and holding the channel up button on your remote control until the power button on your television appears, then let go of the button.

You can silence the sound by using the “Mute” button on your remote. Proceed to step 5 if the television is able to be turned back on. If the television will not turn back on, keep pressing the button on your remote that is labeled “channel down” until the television does turn back on. If the television turns on, this indicates that you have successfully cracked the code for your television set.

(This instruction applies to remotes labeled “REDESIGN”) To lock in the correct code, press the “OK/SEL” button.


(This is the remote control for “Contec’s CheckMate” remotes) To confirm that the code is valid, press the “TV” button.

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