There are many famous television brands out there. One of them is Olevia, famous for various electronic applications. Unlike other brands, each device from Olevia provides a remote to operate, which is way too challenging to maintain. However, users can overcome the complexities of various remote by switching to Olevia RCLTU universal remote.

It can operate the audio and video appliances under the brand name, such as TVs, DVD players, etc. If you are using Olevia TV and looking for a remote code for three, four, and five-digit codes to set up the universal remote control, read this blog post. It can provide all the Olevia RC LTL remote code and programming guidance both manually and automatically. So, stay tuned!

Firstly, you are expected to check the Olevia RC LTL remote code list. Below you will get codes of three, four, and five digits to help you to program a universal remote. In case if one code doesn’t work, check the other code for your model.

Get the Olevia RC LTL Remote Code List Mentioned Below

Manual Way to Program Olevia RC-LTU Step-by-step 

To control the device to the OLEVIA RC-LTU Universal Remote Program, you need to know that the selected device type and OLEVIA remote code. After that, follow the given steps to Olevia RC LTU manual steps.

Manual Method 

Depending on the remote mode, the strategy for looking at the code is different. Below is an example of operating with the most popular remote control.

1. Switch on TV and tap on Press & hold button and then enter a “code” appropriate for the brand.

2. Once you have entered the appropriate code, your “TV is off.”

Now, let’s talk about the manual setting.

  1. Place the remote control with the universal remote you want to replace.
  2. Press “Set up button” or “magic.
  3. Then enter the “Code” for manual programming that you chose from the Olevia RCLTU code list.
  4. Press the function you want to operate. Let’s say “TV volume up”.
  5. Next, hold down the “original remote control” correspondence-related key.
  6. Finally, one of the lights will be blinked. That is, it is saved correctly.
  7. Now your “TV volume up” button is saved on the universal remote control and uses the volume button.

The Conclusion If you made your mind switch from the standard remote of Olevia to the universal remote, the above guide must have been a great help to you. It talks about the Olevia RC LTL remote code and the Olevia RC LTU manual to set up the device with the universal remote.