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GE Universal Remote

How to Get GE Universal Remote Codes for Hisense TV



It’s uncomfortable to use multiple remotes for multiple devices at home. Do you feel the same? If so, we have a solution for this. The most popular remote is the universal remote. Because, this universal remote can handle up to more or less 8 devices. You have to connect your devices with the universal remote so that you can operate. To program with the universal remote, you need program codes. In this article, we have a discussion on GE universal remote codes for Hisense Tv. With the help of the 3-4-5 digit codes, you can easily program and operate it.

GE universal remote is one of the popular brands and can be the best match for Hisense Tv. The remote codes are important to program and control. There are many remote codes created for programming. The codes may differ for each brand. So, it’s necessary to check if the code is within your brand name. 

Our team collected multiple codes for each brand which are listed below. The listed remote codes are correct and valid. When you find the right remote code for the device, you can start programming. The program instruction is also mentioned below.


List of GE Remote Codes For Hisense TV

The complete listing of GE universal remote codes for Hisense Tv is found below. From the list, you check for your brand name. There are multiple brand names listed, you have to choose yours. There will be 2 to 3 codes listed, under each brand name. Pick anyone from your brand name list. Start programming, we have given a few steps of instructions to program. Follow the same instructions carefully so that you can program correctly. Now, let’s find out your code for the device.


Codes for Hisense TV for GE universal remote CL3


Codes for Hisense TV for GE universal remote CL4


Codes for Hisense TV for GE universal remote CL5


If in case, you are unable to find codes or the device shows an incorrect code. Then, let us know your device model name. So that we can help you to find the right code. While programming, if you have any issues or doubts, comment below. Our team will support you to program it well.

Do you need remote codes for some other branded universal remotes? If yes, then you’re in the ideal place. Here, on this website, we share everything on universal remotes, their codes, instructions, and guidance. Whenever you need universal remote codes then, don’t forget to visit our website. 


How to Program GE Universal Remote with the Hisense Tv

  1. Switch on the Hisense Tv to program with the GE universal remote. 
  2. Press and hold on to the setup key and hold it until the LED light indicates on the GE remote. Release the button. 
  3. Press the desired key like TV, DVD, etc, and release the button. Then, the LED light will blink and remain on.
  4. Now, you can enter the digit code that you have selected from the list. Once you enter the code, the led light will turn off if it’s valid. If it’s not valid then, the light will remain on
  5. Switch on the device, by clicking on the power key. Check if the remote key is working properly. You can click on the volume or channel button and check if the remote is responding.
  6. If the remote keys are not responding. you can enter a different code and reprogram it. 

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