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How to Change Axis Range in Excel in 2020



Text-based Axis

  1. Click on the Excel file that consist your graph and click anywhere on the graph to select it.
  2. At the top of the Excel window, click on the “Layout” tab , then click the drop-down arrow and choose “X-Axis” from the options.

Select the “Format Selection” button which is next to the drop-down arrow to continue.

3.Click on the icon next to “Specify interval unit,” then place the cursor to the small text box next to the button.

Type in the interval that you wish to use for the X-axis labels. The first axis label will display, then Excel will skip the labels until the number of interval, continues on in that pattern.


4.Select the text box and enter the same number as the interval unit, leave this at “one”and every tick mark will display on the axis, regardless it has a label or not.

5.Close the Format Axis window and apply the changes to the chart.

Date-based Axis

  1. Click the Excel file where the graph is located and click on the graph.
  2. At the top of the window, select the “Layout tab” and then click the “Axis” button.

The “Horizontal Primary Axis” option will then be selected from “Horizontal Primary Axis” that is shown. The  format Axis prompt box  will open.

4.Choose the radio button in “Major Unit.”

Click on the text box and type in the interval number. Click the drop-down arrow and choose among “Days,””Months” or “Years,” depending on the type of dates on the axis.

NOTE: If the chart is in a numeric X-axis, the process is almost similar to the “Date” axis process, except you do not need to choose between “Days,””Months” and “Years.”


4. Close the window and apply the axis interval to the graph.

How to Change the X-Axis Range in Excel?

Graphs in excel, they are extremely valuable to Convey and analyze and knowing how to display the data based on columns and rows of information effectively makes them that much more powerful and forming a chart creates an x-axis and y-axis.


When you create a chart in Excel, for charts where you want to specify the X-axis range, you  need to switch to a scatter chart and then select the range.

Below is how:



Select a separate X-axis range that lets you use data from anywhere in workbook.


Now Switch to scatter chart and select the chart then pick a scatter chart style from the Insert tab to change the chart type.



Press “Edit” to select the separate ranges and open the “Design” tab then press “Select Data.”

NOTE: If you have two side by side columns of data, X-axis data on the left while Y-axis on the right.


Select them and press “OK” to remake the chart using the X-axis range, and skip the below following steps.

Otherwise, if the X-axis data you wish to use isn’t situated directly to the left of the Y-axis data, then press “Edit” in the Legend Entries section.



Select the X and Y ranges separately using the Series X Values and Series Y Values fields.

Press “OK” on both dialog pop ups to remake the chart.



Select “Add Chart Element” on the Design/planning tab to add “Axis Titles” for every axis.


Type in an axis title’s name


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