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How Do You Program Your Sanyo Fxvr Remote



It is a challenge for a person to keep and maintain multiple remote controls for different electronic devices in the household. The universal remotes come in handy in such a situation, where the user can operate a number of electronic gadgets using a single remote.

The only change that the user needs to do is to change the programming of the remote for a new device. The steps for the programming are very simple which allows almost anyone to perform the programming process.

The steps are also the same for every device coming from different brands. The only difference is the code used in the programming. In this article, Programming Codes and Methods for your Sanyo Fxvr Remote have been described which allows you to easily use the remote for up to three different devices at home.


Note: The main point of focus of the programming is to change the code integrated with the remote for the previously paired device. There are many codes available from the manufacturers, from which many might not be working. Therefore, the user needs to choose the correct code from the given list for proper functionalities.

Programming Code for your Sanyo Fxvr Remote

In this part of the article, a list of codes has been provided that will be used while programming the Sanyo Fxvr remote for a new device. The user will have to choose the correct one by trying the codes one by one.



Programming Methods for Your Sanyo Fxvr Remote

Step-1: Switch on the target device and prepare the remote for operation.

[Tips: Make sure the power cable of the target device is properly connected]

Step 2: Point the remote toward the IR sensor of the device.


[Tips: Make sure that there is no obstacle between the IR sensor of the device and the remote to block the signals from the remote.]

Step 3: Press the device button present at the top of the remote and hold it down.

[Tips: For instance, press “TV” for programming the remote for a television.]


Step 4: Enter the 3-digit code chosen from the list according to the target device.

Step 5: Release the device button when the 3-digit code has been entered. 

[Tips: If the code is accepted by the remote, the small red light on top of the remote will start blinking,]


Step 6: Try to turn the device on.

[Tips: If the programming was successful, the device will turn on.]

Step-7: If the programming was unsuccessful, the user will have to repeat all the steps from the beginning trying another code from the list. 


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