The Sanyo FXVR remote control utilizes manufacturer’s codes to program those remote controls, which have multifunction abilities. The FXVR remote can easily program up to three varying gadgets. It is necessary to program each device respectively, even if it is from a different manufacturer. Many codes are given in the list for you to try because some manufacturer’s codes may not work.

Step 1

Push down and hold one of these keys (VCR, TV or AUX) at the head of the remote control.

Step 2

Type the three-digit code for the manufacturer of the equipment you wish to program from the code list provided with your remote.

Release the TV, AUX, or VCR button.  The code is accepted if the compact red light on the remote flickers. Try to boot up the device. If it does not boot up, redo step 1 and step 2 with the following code for the manufacturer until you obtain a code that works perfectly fine.