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GE Universal Remote

GE Universal Remote Codes for Toshiba TV: Control Your TV with Ease



Looking for the GE universal remote codes for Toshiba TV? This guide will show you how to program your GE remote to control your Toshiba TV, so you can easily access all of your favorite features and content.

Toshiba TV Programming Codes and Step-by-Step Programming Instructions for GE Remotes

Toshiba TV is a user-friendly option for getting efficient entertainment services and its affordable price which can give you almost all smart TV benefits. The remote control gadget set up with this TV has a number of dedicated features but mostly within 2 to 3 months its functionality freezes and starts showing flexibility

If you want to maintain long-term home entertainment with your Toshiba TV, then your Toshiba TV setup remote needs to be replaced after 2 to 2.5 months. In this case, you can get satisfying features and flexibility to control your Toshiba TV system by using GE Universal Remote.


You only need to perform a simple programming process to operate your Toshiba TV system. This article provides you complete information about Toshiba TV codes and programming methods for GE remotes.

List of programming codes for Toshiba TVs

Although programming with the coding process is most effective in achieving success in programming the GE remote, finding the necessary programming codes is difficult and a very complicated matter.

In this case, you are provided with a dedicated programming code list to make the process of programming the GE remote with your Toshiba TV easier and more convenient.


From here you can select and note specific programming codes for use in programming steps.

Programming instructions for your Toshiba TV code with a GE remote

The GE remote carries a number of satisfying features as a gadget for controlling your Toshiba TV. You can do this by performing the following simple pair of steps to program the GE Universal Remote with your current model of Toshiba TV.

Step 1. Prepare your GE remote and Toshiba TV for programming.

  • Turn on your Toshiba TV manually by pressing the power button.
  • Check the battery performance of your GE remote.
  • Make sure the sensors of your Toshiba TV and GE remote are unobstructed.

Step 2. Put your GE remote into the specific setup mode for programming.

  • Point your GE Universal Remote at the Toshiba TV.
  • Press the SETUP button on your GE remote.
  • Hold the setup button for 5 seconds and release the setup button when the power button LED on the remote lights up.

Step 3. Provide your remote with instructions to program GE Universal Remote with Toshiba TV.

  • Press the TV button on the GE remote as you wish to perform programming with ToshibaTV.
  • Release the device button when the power button LED on your remote starts blinking.
  • This step will establish the relationship between your GE remote and Toshiba TV to exchange commands.

Step 4. Enter the Toshiba TV code to start the pairing process with the GE remote.

Enter the specific programming code through the number buttons on your GE remote.

  • The LED on your remote’s power button will blink and turn off to indicate your programming code entry has been accepted.
  • If your Toshiba TV does not turn off at this stage, you can program it again by following the same programming process and entering a new Toshiba TV code.

Step 5. Verify the programming of the GE remote with your Toshiba TV.

  • Point your GE remote at your Toshiba TV and press and hold the power button 3 times at 5-second intervals.
  • If your Toshiba TV turns off at this stage, programming the Toshiba TV with your GE remote has been successful.
  • In this step, you can check the sync of your Toshiba TV functionality by pressing any volume up or down button simultaneously.

Step 6. Save the programming of the GE remote with your Toshiba TV for future use or reset.

  • Point your GE remote at your Toshiba TV.
  • Turn on your Toshiba TV by pressing the power button on your GE remote.
  • Save the performed programming by pressing the TV button on the GE remote once.

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