Best Sylvania TV Remote Codes for Directv & Setup Guide

Is your Sylvania Tv remote stuck? You can replace your Sylvania Tv remote with a universal remote control. DirecTV remote can be the best replacement for your Sylvania Tv remote control. To program DirecTv remote you need a program code and the methods to connect it with the TV. 

On this page, we have listed all the available Sylvania Tv remote codes for Directv which support your Tv to program. There are many codes listed in the below list and you can learn instructions in the following sections. You just need to select a code from the listing and follow the instructions to program. 

Sylvania TV Remote Codes for Directv List

Here, you can find out the program codes for Directv. In our article each code is tested and valid so, you can check the below list and select one code from the list of your brand name then, have a look at the instructions part and follow it to the program. 

How to Find Rca Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV

11864 11944
11394 10171

Programming DirecTv Remote for Sylvania TV

Use the key code to program the DirecTv remote with your Sylvania Tv. Follow the instructions carefully. Do not miss any point, while programming. Focus on instructions and give it a shot.

  1. Turn on your device. Press the setup button on the remote and hold it until the light indicates. When the light turns on release the setup button and the light will remain on
  2. Press the device button (for TV, press the TV button on the remote) and the light will blink.
  3. Now, enter the keycode using the remote control number pad. Select your device model name code from the above remote listing.
  4. Pointing the remote to the device and checking the key of your remote control if it doesn’t work try with different codes using the same process.

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