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Arris Cable Box Codes for Universal Remote & Program Guide



Do you find yourself juggling multiple remotes, struggling to control your Arris cable box and other devices? Take back the power with Cable Box Codes! This simple guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to program your universal remote, eliminating the hassle and frustration of multiple remotes. No more hunting for the right button – reclaim your TV-watching experience with a single, universal commander.

Programming a universal remote control to work with an Arris cable box requires specific codes and proper procedures. This guide presents a detailed step-by-step process to ensure successful programming.

3-Digit Cable Boxes Codes


4-Digit Cable Boxes Codes


5-Digit Cable Boxes Codes


Programming a universal remote control with codes for an Arris cable box allows for centralized control of multiple devices. This paper describes the steps involved in this process, including gathering necessary materials, ensuring proper equipment functionality, entering codes, testing functionality, and saving the code.


Step-1 Gather codes: Obtain a list of codes specific to the Arris cable box model. These codes can be found online or in the user manual.

Step-2 Ensure equipment functionality: Verify that the Arris cable box is plugged in and turned on. Additionally, confirm that the universal remote control has functional batteries.

Step-3 Initiate programming: Press and hold the “CBL” button on the remote until the LED light illuminates.


Step-4 Enter code: Utilize the numeric keypad on the remote to enter a code from the list.

Step-5 Test functionality: Aim the remote control at the cable box and press and hold the “Power” button. The box should turn off if the code is correct.

Step-6 Confirm success: Turn the cable box back on and test various buttons to ensure proper response.


Step-7 Repeat if necessary: If any buttons do not function as intended, repeat steps 3-6 with a different code from the list.

Save code: If the code functions correctly, press and hold the “CBL” button until the LED light blinks twice. This confirms that the code has been saved.


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