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GE Universal Remote

3 digit codes for Cable Boxes – GE universal remote control



Learning the three-digit codes for cable boxes on your GE Universal Remote Control will drastically transform your home entertainment experience. With the right code and a few simple steps, you can use a single remote to control many devices.

Don’t let the hassle of using multiple remotes prevent you from relaxing with your favorite shows and movies. These days, it’s not unusual to see a plethora of remote controllers for various entertainment electronics strewn about the house.

The GE Universal Remote Control is revolutionary because it replaces the need for multiple remote controls for your various electronic gadgets. Discover the ins and outs of programming your GE Universal Remote with 3-digit codes for cable boxes.


Our top concern is making sure you feel comfortable and in control of your home entertainment system, so we’ll cover topics like common issues and their solutions, as well as remote programming methods and frequently asked questions.


Connecting the GE Universal Remote Control to a cable box is as simple as following the on-screen prompts. Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  • Find Your Cable Box Brand: Determine which brand of cable box you have. This is crucial information because different manufacturers require different identifying codes.
  • Locate the Code: The GE Universal Remote Control’s code list can be found in the manual supplied with the device. Here is a list of three-digit codes for cable box manufacturers.
  • Turn on the Cable Box: If you want to use the remote to control your cable box, you’ll need to turn on the device first.
  • Enter the Code: A GE remote’s indicator light can be activated by pressing and holding the “Code Search” button. Follow this by entering the three-digit brand code for your cable box using the numeric keypad. The indication light for the status must be turned off.
  • Test the Remote: To put your GE remote to the test, point it at your cable box and press the “Power” button. Using the correct code would turn off the cable box. Attempt another solution until you discover one that performs the trick.


It’s common to struggle using the GE Universal Remote Control at first. Here are a few solutions to consider:

  • No Response: The cable box may not be responding because the code you supplied is incorrect. It can be inaccurate or incompatible with your TV set-top box.
  • Interference: Remove any potential signal-blocking obstacles between your remote and the cable box.
  • Batteries: If the remote’s batteries are low or dead, it may not work properly. Replace them and give it another shot.
  • Reset the Remote: If you’ve tried everything else and the remote still isn’t working, try resetting it to its factory settings and setting it up again from scratch.
  • Compatibility: Check the GE Universal Remote’s compatibility with your cable box before purchasing. Universal remotes may not be able to operate some of your older or more obscure electronics.


  1. Which cable boxes are compatible with the GE Universal Remote?

Ans- While it is compatible with many of the leading brands, it may not work with older or less popular models of cable boxes. Make sure everything is working by checking the code list.

  1. Where can I get the cable box passcode if it isn’t in the manual?

Ans- You may find the code for your GE Universal Remote Control by searching the web for the name of your cable box’s manufacturer and the words “GE Universal Remote Control codes.” The user forums and manufacturer websites are great places to find this kind of information.

  1. What if my cable box requires a 4-digit code instead of a 3-digit one?

Ans- Some satellite or cable devices require a four-digit PIN to access content. For guidance on entering 4-digit codes, check out the GE Universal Remote Control user manual.

  1. Wondering whether my GE universal remote could be programmed to operate my TV and soundbar.

Ans- Yes GE universal remote could be programmed to operate your TV and soundbar. By applying correct codes for each device and repeating it again and again until its get programmed. 

  1. Can I program my GE universal remote with the buttons on the remote itself?

Ans- Even though entering a code is the usual, some remotes also have built-in search capabilities. The manual that came with the remote should have all the info you need.

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