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How to Get 4 Digit Code for Tcl Universal Remote

Are you looking for a 4 Digit Code for Tcl Universal Remote? If so, this article is all about TCL universal remote codes. Here, we will provide all 4 Digit codes for TCL universal remote. 

Did you know :

The universal remote has many remote codes for each brand. The TCL remote codes are listed below. You have to select one particular code and place the code in your device to connect them. 

When the remote code is correct, the device will accept it and be ready to program. If you want to do it by yourself then, you have to take some action. you need to learn the process of programming.

Do you know how to program it? 

If you are looking for guidelines to program. Then, we have a proper guidelines system on our website. We not only provide the remote codes but also teach the programming process. 

The programming method will be easy for you to understand. Because the method is a step-to-step process and it will be easy for you to understand. You have to follow the steps properly as given in the instruction.

Do not skip any step because all the steps are important to the program. Enter the code digit properly. Now, let’s see the remote code table below

4 Digit Code For TCL Universal Remote 

The following are the TCL universal remote 4 Digit code. You have to pick any one code which is correct for your device. The code is of the device model name. 

All the remote codes that we have listed on our website are valid. We have only provided the currently available remote codes and the codes are updated daily.

Once, you have picked your 4-digit TCL remote code. Then, you can process further and start programming. Now, let’s get into the code table and find out the best code for your TCL universal remote. Have a look below

GE CL3 Universal Remote Code for Tcl Roku TV


GE CL4 Universal Remote Code for Tcl Roku TV


GE CL5 Universal Remote Code for Tcl Roku TV


Tcl Universal Remote Code Rca


Tcl Universal Remote Code 4 Digit GE Universal Remote


How To Program TCL Universal Remote Manually

When you find the remote code, enter them and program. When the device finds the correct code then, you can program and control your device.

Step -1 Switch on the device that you want to connect with the TCL universal remote

Step -2 Press and hold the setup button on the TCL remote. hold it until a tiny light flashes.

Step -3 Now, enter the keycode that you found from the above code table.

Step -4 Face the TCL remote towards the device.

Step -5 Now, press the power button on the remote and hold it.

Step -6 When the tv turns off, release the power button. 

Step -7 When the device does not work properly then, repeat the process by using the next code. 

How To Program TCL Universal Remote Without Code 

When the code does not work on your device, use this method. This method will help the remote to find the correct code by itself. You just have to follow the process to program it.

Step -1 Switch on the device that you want to connect with the TCL universal remote.

Step -2 Turn on the TCL remote and press the TV, DVD, CBL, OK\SEL buttons for 3 seconds. A tiny light will appear.

Step -3 Facing the TCL remote to the device, click on the CH+\CH- buttons. Then, the remote light will show on-off signals.

Step -4 Press the down or up buttons repeatedly. When the device is turned off stop pressing the buttons. 

Step -5 Press the power button to check whether the device is working or not. The device will turn on.

Step -6 Press the device button to store your device code.

When the device turns on, press the channel and volume buttons. Confirmed that the device is ready to be controlled by the TCL universal remote.