Sharp TV is well known and delivers a quality product. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about how to program a sharp Tv universal remote without using codes and we’ve mentioned the code list also.

We can also learn to program of sharp Aquos remote, setting a remote to a Tv, etc. let’s start the topic

Programming Sharp Tv Universal Remote Without Codes

 All the universal remote codes are ones gone through by the scanning process in the remote, In the auto search method. It scans only one code at a time to find out the right code to program and control the remote. Follow the below instructions

Step-1 SWITCH ON your smart device TV

Step-2 TURN ON the universal remote and for 3 seconds tap on the component button like TV, CBL, DVD, OK\SEL. 

Step-3 Hold down the remote pointing toward the device and press CH+  & CH- switches, then the remote shows signals on\off.

Step-4 To verify the selected code click on the POWER key and the device will TURN ON.

 When the device starts, try to check that the remote is working                 

properly by changing the channel and volume up or down.

Step-6 In the end, click the DEVICE button to save the required code, and the code is stored for confirmation, LED light of the Device will blink twice.

3 Digit Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TV

If you want to know sharp TV universal remote 3 Digit codes, then check out the below table where you can find out your required codes as we’ve mentioned in the complete code list.


4 Digit Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TV

We’ve discussed sharp Tv universal remote 4 digit codes in the below section. If you need the codes to program a universal remote, then go through the table. I am sure you’ll find the needed codes.


5 Digit Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TV

There is a complete listing of Sharp Tv universal remote 5 digit codes in the below table. Try to find out the required codes to program a universal remote with your Sharp Tv. 


How to Program Sharp Aquos Remote?

Click on the FUNCTION button continuously in the universal remote till the LED under the component is ready to program and press the FUNCTION and DISPLAY key at one time to enter the device code mode. The LED light inside the device will blink. By using the number keypad Enter the code 05.

How do I Connect a One for All Remote to a Sharp TV

STEP:1  Firstly, click on the MAGIC key on the remote.

STEP:2  To control, select your device

STEP:3 Lastly, press the digit of your brand & device on the remote (e.g6 for Samsung TV) when the device TURNS OFF releases the key you’re pressing after that an LED will blink twice in the remote.

How do I Program a for all Remote to a Sharp TV?

Step-1 Press the device button like (TV, CABLE, VCR, etc) that you want to program, then release

Step-2 Hold down the SETUP button and then the red LED light will flash twice, then release

Step-3 Enter the three-digit code of your brand, after entering the code you receive two quick flashes.

Setup the Remote-Control App

“Download the Android TV Remote Control app” on your phone from the play store.

Step-1 with the Wi-fi network try to connect your phone and Android TV

Step-2 open the Android tv remote control app on your phone

Step-3 Hit the name of your Android Tv

Step-4 A PIN will show on your TV screen.