Comcast cable subscribers must use a Comcast cable box and a Comcast remote to manage their channels.

The Comcast remote control operates the cable box and may be set to operate and switch on additional devices such as televisions and DVD players.

If you wish to utilise a Panasonic TV with Comcast, you must configure your remote with the Panasonic TV code in order for it to operate the TV’s features as well.

Panasonic TV codes for use with Comcast tv remotes


How to setup a Comcast remote control to work with a Panasonic television?

Follow the simple step by step process to program a Comcast remote with Panasonic TV:

Step 1: Switch on your television.

Step 2: On your Comcast remote, press the “TV” key.

Step 3: On your remote, press and hold the “Setup” key. Twice, the “TV” key will flash.

Step 4: Let go of the “Setup” key.

Step 5: Enter the Panasonic TV’s four-digit code. Panasonic televisions are designated by the codes “0250” and “0051.” After you enter the final digit, the “TV” key flashes twice to show that the code entered is accurate.

Step 6: Then, using the Comcast remote, point it at your Panasonic television and hit the “Power” button. If the remote control was configured correctly, the television should switch off. Continue with steps 2-6, using the other code from step 5. If the TV does not turn off, repeat the process.

Things to Keep in Mind

Congratulations! You’ve successfully configured your Comcast remote to manage your devices! Congratulations!

Here are a few of reminders that may be of use.

In order to operate a certain device, you must first choose that device from the remote’s mode buttons on the top.

When you press the all on button, the cable box, the TV, and the AUX device will all be turned on at the same time.

The volume buttons on the remote control will control the TV volume while in cable mode.

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The Conclusion

In the above post, we have provided the a complete process to Program a Comcast Remote to a Panasonic TV ? With the help of suggested