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Programming a Sharp TV without a Universal Remote: Step-by-Step



Sharp is a very famous company across many countries. In many households, Sharp televisions can be easily found. You can program the Sharp TVs to block the channels you did not subscribe to and store those you have subscribed. It makes switching in cable channels very convenient. This process is mainly carried out using the remote control that comes with your device. But if due to any reason your original Sharp TV remote is not working or is misplaced, we have a solution for you. You can also program the Sharp TV without the remote control. You will find the complete steps in the below section.

Steps to Program Sharp TV without Universal Remote

1. Accessing the Cable Mode

  • Firstly, switch on the Sharp TV with the “Power” button given in the front of the display. It will mostly be on the far left side of other buttons.
  • Next, press the “Input” button given on the front side of the Sharp TV. After pressing this button, the mode will change to “Cable” from whichever mode it was on earlier. If your Sharp TV is already in the input mode, you do not need to do this step. If required, press the button multiple times to land on the screen named Input.

2. Menu Navigation

  • Now, click on the “Menu” button given on the front side of Sharp TV. It will let you navigate through the complete TV menu without using the remote control. After the menu screen appears, press channel buttons to navigate up and down through the menu, the “Volume” button to move right and left, and the “Input” button to choose an item.
  • Now, choose the “Initial Setup” option and press “input” to choose. Select the “EZ Setup” option and press the “Input” button. Now, the programming will begin. You have to select the language for your TV through the “Channel” buttons and press “Input” to choose a language.
  • On the next screen, select “Home” and choose it using the “Input” button on Sharp TV. Choose the “Antenna and Cable” option now. Now, you will get two options. If you are picking up channels with Antenna, choose the “Air” option and if you are using the cable service, choose the “Cable” option.
  • Previously, if you chose the “Cable” option, then click on Analog and Digital Search Start” and if you chose the “Air” option, click on the “Start” option. Finally, the Sharp TV will start searching the channels for you to watch. You do not have to press any other buttons when the process is running.

3. Confirmation of the Changes

  • After the channel search process is complete, a confirmation screen will appear. Check all the settings if they are correct. Here, the number of channels that your Sharp TV found will appear. To finish this process, press the “Input” button given in the front of the Sharp TV.

Now, your Sharp TV is completely programmed without using any remote control. It can be easier using a remote control. So, you can purchase the Sharp TV remote and connect it to the TV in quick steps. However, having a remote is not the necessity as without it also you can program the Sharp TV.

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