Do you have an GE Universal Remote and using different remote controls on other devices? It’s not easy! GE Universal Remote Control enables you to control video and audio devices of virtually any manufacturer. It is common knowledge that all electronic devices have a remote controls. Even GE devices are equipped with remote controls. The management of multiple remotes can be a difficult task. Finding the appropriate one for the right moment is quite difficult. However, there is the perfect solution to the same. By using one GE Universal Remote for all your GE devices is a breeze instead of having multiple remotes. All you have to do is set up to program your GE Universal Remote with your TV or another device.

This guide will guide how to convert a remote to GE Universal Remote via GE Universal Remote Codes easily. Before you begin, make sure to look up the complete list of GE Universal Remote codes that work with Sanyo TV.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sanyo TV

GE Universal Remote Control Codes (RCCs) are two-digit, three-digit, or four-digit codes used to program your Universal remote for GE devices such as Blu-ray, television, DVD player, VCR stereo systems, and television. GE is the most well-known television brand, generally has remote controls. If the remote ceases to function or is lost, You can program the GE Universal Remote via GE Universal Remote Codes.

SANYO5032 , 5118, 5138,5151 ,5022 ,5029, 5034,5038, 5052 5055 5089,5191 ,5224, 5233 ,5234 ,5407, 5412 ,5139 ,5430, 5001 , 5014,5018
SANYO0004, 0097 ,0110 ,0081 ,0268 ,0012 , 0108 , 0180 ,0049

VCR codes

SANYO0304 , 0248 ,0268, 0267 , 0354

DVD codes

SANYO0904, 0416

How do I program a Universal Remote with Auto-Search Method?

With this method, it is possible to have all codes scanned one at a time until you can identify the correct one.

1. Connect the device you wish to program using the universal remote.

2. After switching on the universal remote, press the button for component (TV DVD, CBL, or OK/SEL). Press it for three seconds. After that, the indicator LED will flash.

3. universal remote in the direction of the device. Use the “Ch+”, “Ch-” buttons. The remote will now send signals to turn off or on. Press the keys Up/Down repeatedly until the device turns off.

4. To confirm the validity of the code To verify the code, push on the power button. The device will change to “On”. When it happens, you can try to switch channels and verify that the device is properly programmed.

5. To confirm the code then press the button on the device. In order to ensure the code, the indicator light will flash two times.

How do I set up Universal Remote with Manual Method?

1. 1. The initial step is switching on the device for programming.

2. Then press the button for component or TV button at the remote that is universal.

3. Press and hold the Setup button until the light turns on. This is the mode of learning.

4. Select the code you require from the list that was mentioned in the previous section of remote codes. You must enter the codes.

5. After that, point your remote toward the TV, then hit the Power button, then hold it for a while.

6. When the device is turned off, turn off the button.

NOTE: Now, your device is programmed using the correct universal remote code for ge. If the code you have chosen does not work, repeat the procedure using a different code from the list of remote codes.