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Spectrum Remote Codes for Vizio TV ? – Codes and Setup Guide



Do you have a Spectrum remote and a Vizio TV? If so, you may be wondering how to program spectrum remote to vizio TV. This guide will show you how to do it easily, so you can start enjoying all of your favorite features and content with just the touch of a button.

Vizio is one of the popular television brands in the market. Generally, it comes with remote control. However, if you have a reason to give the Vizio TV remote a replacement, you can use a Spectrum universal remote control for your television.

Spectrum universal remote for Vizio TV requires significant Spectrum Remote Codes for Vizio TV for the programming. This post highlights the spectrum code for vizio tv.


Along with the list of codes to connect Spectrum remote to Vizio TV, we have also given the steps for setup. But before checking the instruction manual, check the Spectrum universal remote codes for Vizio TV.

List of Spectrum Remote Codes for Vizio TV

There are several spectrum codes for vizio tv. Therefore, try another code if one of the codes does not work for Spectrum universal remote to Vizio TV. Spectrum remote code for Vizio TV is usually a three, or four-digit number.

Get Your Spectrum Remote Working in Minutes: A Step-by-Step Guide


Find the required code from the list below and follow the steps to program spectrum remote to vizio tv.Here are the Spectrum remote codes for Vizio TV:

10178Vizio M-Series (2016-2018)
11756Vizio P-Series (2016-2018)
1756Vizio E-Series (2016-2018)
1758Vizio D-Series (2016-2018)
0117Vizio M-Series (2014-2015)
10117Vizio P-Series (2014-2015)
11175Vizio E-Series (2014-2015)
1755Vizio D-Series (2014-2015)
0128Vizio M-Series (2012-2013)
10128Vizio P-Series (2012-2013)
11128Vizio E-Series (2012-2013)
1754Vizio D-Series (2012-2013)
0178Vizio M-Series (2010-2011)
10178Vizio P-Series (2010-2011)
11178Vizio E-Series (2010-2011)
1752Vizio D-Series (2010-2011)

5 Digit – Spectrum Remote Code for Vizio TV


4 Digit – Spectrum Remote Vizio TV Codes


3 Digit – Spectrum Vizio TV Codes


How to Pair Spectrum Remote to Vizio TV

Step-1 Turn on the Vizio TV to connect with the Spectrum universal remote.

Step-2 Press the component button “TV” and then the “Setup” button on the Spectrum universal remote. Now, the Spectrum universal remote is in learning mode.


Step-3 Select one code from the list of spectrum vizio remote codes given above and enter it manually.

Step-4 A light will blink if you have entered the correct Spectrum remote code.

Step-5 Now, check if the Spectrum universal remote for Vizio is working fine by pressing the function keys. If one Spectrum remote code for Vizio TV does not work, you can select another one and follow the same steps again.


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