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lg tv remote codes

Philips Universal Remote Codes for Lg TV & Program Guide



Experiencing entertainment services through LG TV is very attractive for its display visuals and audio quality. If you want to know about programming an efficient remote replacement to keep your existing LG TV experience intact, the discussion in this article is going to be helpful for you.

You can easily pair Philips remote with your LG TV through some simple programming remedies. Continue reading the article to know more details about Programming steps for LG TV Codes with Philips Remote.

Remote ModelCode
SBCRU220, SBCRU422, SBCRU440083
SBCRU510, SRM5100, SRU7060 (V1)0036, 0397, 1664 0274, 0081, 0741, 0671, 0243, 0205, 0057, 0190, 0136, 0388, 1205, 0883, 0064, 0087, 0742, 0244, 1292, 0135, 0583, 0458,
SRU2040, SRU3003, SRU5108 (V2)1718, 0102, 0609, 0802, 0324, 0606, 0002, 0814, 0015, 0217 0502, 0435, 0307, 0117, 0115, 0709,
SRP2014H, SRP2017B(CLx)4731 0761, 3221, 0611, 3001, 6021, 5501, 2891, 6171, 1471, 1501, 3091, 3281, 0001, 1181, 5271, 3311, 1911, 1221, 3021, 0931, 5511, 1741, 0251, 3811, 0131,
CL41741 1911, 5511, 6171, 2891, 6021, 1221, 1181, 3001, 0001,
CL56171, 1221, 5511, 6021, 1181, 1911, 0001, 2891, 1741 3001,
CL66171, 1911, 5511, 1221 1181, 2891, 1741, 6021, 0001, 3001,
SRP3014/27, SRP5016/2717342, 12074, 12865, 14716, 18753, 17415, 10369, 11770, 11666, 11878, 12767, 15159, 10030, 18655, 12669, 13134, 11302, 12210, 15010, 19114, 12830, 11976, 18924, 11764, 12963, 19307, 14966, 18133, 10261, 12501, 10005, 18459, 12751, 16105, 17608, 11818,

Programming steps for LG TV Codes with Philips Remote

LG TV provides efficient satisfaction to the user by carrying multiple features in providing entertainment facilities. Its special AI features along with voice assistance provide a flexible commanding facility to the user.


LG TV requires replacement of the remote control gadget that comes with the setup to control the system. Philips remote works as an efficient replacement gadget for LG TV. You can perform the programming of LG TV with Philips remote very easily without any technological support.

Programming a Philips remote with an LG TV requires you to know the appropriate programming codes and processes. This article provides you with a comprehensive LG TV programming code list as well as instructions on the programming process with the Philips remote.

LG TV Programming Codes for Philips Remote

Access to the correct programming codes is the primary and essential ingredient you will need for programming Philips remotes with LG TVs. In general, finding the programming code from LG TV or Philips remote manuals and official websites is quite a chore. In this part of the article you will find correct and working programming codes according to different models of LG TV.


[Note: You can control and operate your LG TV system via Philips remote by selecting the specific programming code from this list and following the programming steps mentioned in the next section.]

Programming steps for LG TV with Philips Remote

You can program LG TV with Philips remote in different ways but with code programming method has more success possibility and you can also save time through its application. Below is a simple 6 step guidance on programming LG TV with Philips remote with code.

Step 1. For programming LG TV with universal remote, prepare both devices first.

  • First turn on your LG TV manually by plugging in and pressing the TV power button.
  • Check the workability and battery power of your Philips remote

Step 2. Convert your Philips remote into setup mode.

  • Press and hold the SETUP button on your Philips remote.
  • Release the setup button when your power button or LED next to it blinks steady.

Step 3. Provide device commands to your Philips remote for pairing with LG TV.

  • Point your Philips remote at your LG TV device.
  • Press and hold the TV button and release when your button or remote LED blinks.

Step 4. Enter the programming code to execute the specified programming instruction.

  • Enter one of the selected LG TV programming codes via the number buttons on your Philips remote.
  • The LED of your Philips remote will blink and turn off to indicate success in your code entry.

Step 5. Verify the programming of the Philips remote with your LG TV.

  • Point your Philips remote back at your LG TV and press the power button.
  • Your LG TV will turn off and indicate the workability of your programming.

Step 6. Save the programming for later.

  • Turn on your LG TV via the power button on the Philips remote.
  • Press the TV button on the Philips remote to reset or save for future use.

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